2023: Bauchi Governor’s Coordinator in Misau lauds Bala’s achievements, promises block votes from Misau

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state has been applauded for executing meaningful developmental projects that have direct positive impact on the wellbeing of the citizens.

Speaking to our Corresspondent in an exclusive interview on Tuesday, the Campaign Coordinator of the Governor in Misau local government area, Alhaji Muhammadu Nakaduna said promised the Governor block vote from the local government area in 2023.

Alhaji Nakaduna confessed that he has never met a Governor who considers the welfare of the citizens with utmost priority like Bala Mohammed.

Popularly known as Shagiya, the Coordinator described Governor Bala Mohammed as a workaholic Governor whose sole interest is to deliver purposeful and quality leadership to his people.

While highlighting numerous achievements recorded by the Governor within a span of three years, Alhaji Nakaduna said thousands of youths and women have benefited from the Kaura Economic Empowerment Programme (KEEP).

According to him, the Governor had recently distributed cars to 20 local government Coordinators as well as central working Committee members, among other party leaders, adding that, at least 60 cars were donated by the Governor to ease their operations.

Alhaji Nakaduna said he is one, out of the three Coordinators that have been given Hajj seat by the Governor this year.

“Honestly speaking, we have witnessed a lot of developmental projects in Misau. The Governor has done a lot for our people. One of the projects the governor has completed in Misau is the Sade to Akuyam road which had defied solution from past governments in the state”, the Coordinator said.

Nakaduna added that, out of love for the people, the Governor had during Ramadan, pledged to construct road from Gwaram to Akuyam, Hardawa to Zadawa, adding that, he is very sure, the Governor will do it.

“He also promised to construct another road from Ajili/Gukulum to Sarma. He made the pledge same day, this is something that will bring a lot of development to our people. The Governor has executed projects in each ward of Misau in the area of construction or renovation of schools, healthcare centers, mosques among others”, he said.

Alhaji Nakaduna who said construction work will soon begin on Marshal road in Misau town, noted that, it is part of recognition of the contribution of Misau people to the victory of the Governor in 2019.

“Politically, I have never came across a Governor who have so much respect for his people like Governor Bala Mohammed. He has helped a lot of people in Misau, thousands of them, both youths and women”, the Coordinator said.

He said that the Governor has empowered the people with capital to start their own businesses in order to become self reliant.

“Thousands of them have benefited from the government gesture, some received fifty fifty thousand naira, others hundred thousand and some were given cars or motorcycles. More than 70 people got motorcycles in Misau local government”, he added.

The Coordinator who said the people of Misau are living witnesses to the developmental projects being executed by Governor Bala Mohammed across the state, urged them to continue to support him in his quest to reposition the state for better.

“Since we are all witnesses to the governor’s achievements, let’s come out en-mass to re-elect him in 2023 so that he will continue with the good work”, Alhaji Nakaduna appealed.

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