Bauchi APC Chieftain vows to unmask members sabotaging the party

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

A Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Bauchi state, Comrade Sabo Mohammed has vowed to, in no distant time, expose the names of those sabotaging the party in the state.

Comrade Mohammed who was speaking to our Corresspondent in an exclusive interview on Friday, said he has gathered enough evidence against the party members causing division among others.

According to him, the saboteurs were one time beneficiaries of the party but are secretly working to frustrate effort of the party in the state to succeed in 2023 just because of personal interest.

He described such party members as those that lacks the spirit of sportsmanship and as such, they pretend to be with the party openly while working against it in secret.

While stating that all the saboteurs of the party are known, Comrade Mohammed pointed out that he has gone far in gathering information on their activities, promising to name those behind the woes of the party.

“Those sabotaging our party are known to us, and I swear to God that I have gone far in gathering information about them and I will soon disclosed their names to you journalists”, he said.

or by their utterances, . Honestly speaking, we are very close to doing this job and we are going to tell the world.
He added; “the perpetrators have in the past benefited from the party and they were once supported not because they were more competent than others or they laboured for the party than anyone else but they were given the opportunity by God and now they want to be ungrateful to God and the party and the state. But one good thing is, I want to assure you, take note of this, in no distant time, one after the other, honestly we are going to mention their names and the act of sabotage they have been doing against the party in secret”.

Comrade Mohammed who acknowledged that his party, the APC is being confronted with some challenges, said the problems emanated due to inability of others to accept the rule of the game.

The APC Chieftain while stating that consensus was used in having officials of the party in place right from the ward up to National level, added that primary elections were held in electing flagbearers of the APC into various political offices.

“Everybody is aware that we used delegates in chosing our candidates and the delegates are stakeholders across the 20 local government areas of the state. Of the 20 local governments, no one has ever brought any official complaint on the composition of the delegates up to the day the primary election for the governorship was conducted in the presence of everybody, and as God may have it, Air Marshal Sadiq Baba Abubakar emerged victorious”, he said.

Comrade Mohammed said it is expected that those who contested alongside Ambassador Sadique Baba Abubakar should have imbibed the spirit of sportsmanship and accept the outcome in good faith.

He opined that, based on his understanding of politics, the outcome of the Guber primary election should have been accepted by all, like it was done in the build up to the 2015 general elections when the immediate past Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar was elected the party’s flag-bearer.

“It was not long that Mohammed Abubakar came to the APC but God gave him the ticket, then the spirit of sportsmanship and the party spirit was there, no body caused any problem and together we supported Mohammed Abubakar and he was elected the Governor”, the APC chieftain further recalled.

“So, to me, I think, that spirit of sportsmanship is what is lacking now. For instance, Air Marshal Sadiq Baba Abubakar worked for Nigeria as a military man and after his retirement he came and joined the APC. If you observed, you will discover that since he retired and joined politics up to the time God gave him the APC governorship ticket, he has been associating with leaders and stakeholders as well as party members at all levels”, Comrade Mohammed explained.

He described the contributions of the APC Gubernatorial candidate in the state towards the progress of the party by supporting the activities of party leaders at all levels as commendable.

The party Chieftain said those that objected Ambassador Sadique’s aspiration of becoming the candidate of the party are still using that as a yardstick to cause division among party members.

“But when you look at the party, the way it is, in terms of supporters, in terms of competency, in terms of yearning and aspirations of the people of Bauchi state, I can tell you that the party doesn’t have problem, the APC is with the people and the people still like it”, he said.

Comrade Mohammed added that, with harmonious politicking, there is no doubt that the people of Bauchi state are going to vote for the APC.

The party stalwart who insisted that the APC is one indivisible entity with leadership from ward to national level, said there are no serious issues or outright refusal of party decisions from members.

He expressed delight that the party candidate, Ambassador Sadiq Baba Abubakar has been working tirelessly in meeting with his co contestants to enable them understand themselves and chat a way forward.

“Now, I can tell you that all those who aspired for the party’s governorship ticket have been written a letter to bring names of people that would form part of the campaign council of the party ahead 2023. He has visited them in their houses to seek support and has assured them that everybody is going to be carried along in order to give his contribution for the success of the party”, Comrade Sabo revealed.

He said that if such spirit of the Guber candidate is sustained and the saboteurs continue in their antics, they are doing so for personal interest.

“But I am assuring you that the party is making progress in trying to see that those members that have not declared their exit from the party to come and work together so that collectively, the APC will succeed”, Comrade Mohammed said.

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