Gonto Memorial Reception: It’s Purely PDP Affair, Says APC

By Idris Khalid

All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bogoro Local Government Area of Bauchi state has disassociated itself with the planned memorial reception in honour of Late Peter Gonto in Bogoro scheduled for Friday December 31st, describing it as a PDP rally in disguise.

APC in Bogoro said, “The event is actually a PDP rally in disguise meant to boost the failed government of Governor Bala Mohammed. The heads of security agencies confirmed it to Zaar Youth Leaders when they invited them to Bauchi for a meeting”.

A statement by the party in Bogoro signed by its LG chairman, Hon. Istifanus Manasseh stated, “We have noticed with concern how desperate Governor Bala Mohammed is to ensure that the event takes place at all cost and even at the expense of our lives. This is most unfortunate”.

Manasseh therefore wondered if all the event planners are PDP members and no APC stakeholder is invited to head any of the event strategic planning committees, querying “We did the event planners exclude APC stakeholders if it is a community event and not PDP affair?

He noted with concern that any time the governor speaks, he often pours crude insults on President Muhammadu Buhari who doubles as President and leader of their great party.

“We also noted with concern the uncut language of some key event planners directed at the person of Mr. President on various social media platforms. One key event planner wrote, “When a good man is on the throne de people rejoice, but when an accused person is on de throne the people groans, God has rejected Buhari, his kingdom has been scattered, not until Buhari leaves office, nothing will stop killing in Nigeria, De kind has been desecrated”, Quoted as written by him.

He observed that from the totality of their assessment, the event is purely PDP rally with the fact so glaring from the letters of invitees the Baba Gonto’s children wrote to the Governor.

APC Bogoro Chairman Istifanus Manasseh said that since the event is a party affair, APC families in the community will not participate.

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