Political statements sensical and nonsensical has dominated our national discourse these days. Some of the statements have exposed the hidden agenda of some people particularly the “Elites”. The unwarranted attack by the Benue state governor Samuel Ortom to his Bauchi state counterpart H.E Senator Bala Abdulkadir Muhammed is uncalled for, sad and most unfortunate. Ortom failed to accuse his colleague the governor of Taraba State Darious Ishaku who recently appeared on both channel and NTA Television requesting that people should be allowed to carry AK 47 to defend themselves because Federal Government has failed to protect the lives and properties of their people. Strangely enough Gov. Samuel Ortom himself has made the same statement sometimes ago. To the dismay of many Nigerians he is now accusing Gov. Bala Muhammed of Bauchi State who said if the senseless killings of the genuine Fulani herdsmen did not stop as Nigerians they will have no option but to request to be allowed to carry AK 47 to defend themselves from these bandits and terrorists who attack and rustle away several thousands of their cattles rendering them helpless, hopeless and without foreseen destiny.
This ethnic, religious and sectional bias being perpetrated by some leaders who are supposed to be responsible and lead by example must stop in the interest of the Nation. Otherwise, the seemingly unforeseen consequences will be distasteful.
Governor Ortom should cast his mind back to when the Nigerian Biafran war was fought. His Benue state was the most vulnerable due to its proximity with the Ibo land. Glory be to Almighty Allah who in His infinite mercy ended the war. Ortom should listen to the words of wisdom from the gentle man and respected elder states man General Yakubu Gowon Rtd former Head of State Federal Republic of Nigeria who has been calling Nigerians to be cautious “Not to take us back to those harrowing days”. A word is enough for the wise.

ALH (Dr.) AHMAD ILIYASU (Saradaunan misau)

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