Journey to 2023: Bauchi PDP Should Think Twice!

The Bauchi State PDP is relentlessly building an invincible political entourage for the journey to win the 2023 gubernatorial election by having veteran politicians of substance jumping ships from different parties to the PDP in their numbers. Securing the support of these politically savvy stakeholders, especially from the APC – their own eternal arch rival is something to write home about.
However, PDP is seemingly lacking in strategy. They, for a reason known to them, forget to press on the calculations of the other parties, which is costing them a lot and would seriously affect the party’s chances at the polls like sandpaper.

The PDP’s hitherto good decision to pick Governor Bala’s running mate from Zaki Local Government, who in the 2019 General Elections failed to win the seat of house of reps at the first ballot, if not for the magnanimity of His Excellency, Gov. Bala, after winning the 2019 Governorship election, he appointed him as a commissioner in his cabinet, is now rendered dump and weak by the NNPP’s nomination of someone from Katagum Local Government to deputize their candidate. Fact is Katagum is where the largest chunk of voters reside as per as Bauchi North is concerned. Should things continue as they are, there would be a possibility that the NNPP would take home the majority of votes from Katagum as their native son would deputise Dokaji while he is popularly there in Bauchi Central.

As for the APC, they have the same calculation as the NNPP, having the gubernatorial candidate and senatorial candidate all from the same local government “Giade”, while the deputy governor was slotted for Bauchi LGA in Bauchi South Senatorial District, rejecting numerous contenders from other LGA’s there (i.e. Kirfi and Alkaleri). Despite the fact that all parties in Bauchi South may receive the same number of votes, the PDP’s vote will most probably be damaged more than any other party.

Besides, except for Bauchi Local Government, Toro and Alkaleri LGAs none can match Katagum Local Government in terms of votes from that zone. This suggests that if the PDP continues on its current path, winning Katagum Local Government will be more difficult.

In conclusion, the PDP still has a chance, if it properly uses its thinking cap, to look into the possibility of slotting the deputy governor seat in Katagum LGA by picking a strong and influential politician with many political credentials to steer them to winning the gubernatorial election come 2023.

A stitch in time saves nine!

Mallam Musbahu Magayaki
Writes from Sabon Fegi, Azare.
Bauchi State.

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