Member rep Misau and Dambam distributes 400 water pump to his Constituency. By : Muhammad Kaka Misau

A member representing Misau, Dambam federal constituency in the national assembly Hon Ibrahim Makama Misau has donated 400 water pump to the people of his constituents.

Confirming the report via a telephone interview with Baushe Daily times, the legislative aid Comrade Garba Modibbo indicate that the gesture was inline with their campaign promises.

According to him, Hon Ibrahim Makama Misau was committed to empowered more youths and women in his Constituency by coming up with various programs that will touches the life of the common man.

” this is inline with our campaign promises by empowering women and youth in the agricultural sector, and this farm input will help alot in dry season farming during irrigation “.

He said that they are also put more attention in the area of dry season farming, which will help alot in the economic development of the area,which according to him is inline with president Muhammadu Buhari’s commitment in boosting the agricultural sector in the Country.

Comrade Garba Modibbo added that, Member representing Misau Dambam in the national assembly is planning to organize a workshop to the people of his constituents in the areas of Agriculture more especially dry season farming, and skill acquisition on how to become self reliance.

” this dry season farming is helping alot in the agricultural sector in the country, and we also put more attention in the area of farming “.

He therefore call on the beneficiaries to make use of the water pump judiciously in their farms, while promising to provide more dividends of democracy to the people of his constituency in Misau and Dambam.

” Hon Ibrahim Makama Misau is planning to train more women in his Constituency on how they should become self reliance, and also to provide more opportunities to them “.

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