The Failed Strategy of our Real Enemies Within to Deliver Gov. Bala Mohammed

Comrade John Rica Emmanuel

It is on record that the government of kaura was build on the foundational support of Zaar people. It is also on record that his victory was sealed in Bogoro local government, Mallar my very village to be precise. That was the very place and day that the slogan “Bauchi ta Kaura ce” was formed in a composed song by women who perceived Kaura to be their Messiah since he was a true son of Bauchi.
Yes Kaura made sweet promises to our people just to secure their votes in the build up to 2019 general elections. Amongst the promises are the hope to make Zaar Chiefdom a reality and give a staff of office to the paramount ruler. Others were pledges of massive infrastructural development, employment opportunities, Civil servants promotion and training, payments of pension, gratuities, provision of agro equipment among others.

Our people (Zaar) as usual were Optimistic that at last someone will perfect what former Governor Isa Yuguda started. As the case has always been for those seeking to be governors of Bauchi, they used the issue of Zaar Chiefdom as their major political tool to gain the support of our people.
However in the case of Kaura, he didn’t only failed in his campaign promises to our people where he did not fulfilled any but added up to be more terrible than others.

The government of Kaura has since inception, focused on road constructions, yet there was no single completed road in Zaar land. The only uncompleted road project was a continuation on the road Dogara had constructed 50% and the project stopped at 75% completion, that means governor Kaura did 25% of the road from Gwaranga- Lusa to Mallar. (A duplicated project). All we were expecting in terms of road infrastructure in Zaar land was in Sang gami axis, even if it means duplicating Dogara’s project, we expected it to be done on the project located at Kalambu- Dutsen Saki to Marti Sara, Kal, Num and other communities. Zaar sons should have put their heads together in the interest of Zaar land to allocate such project in the needed area, yet for sentimental reasons, they wasted that project, thus denying the entire Sang Gami axis of the privilege to enjoy road infrastructure for the very first time.
It seems the governor is enjoying the use of some unpatriotic Zaar sons to deprive us of the much needed democracy dividends and cause more division and disunity in Zaar community. There were several issues in Zaar land such as the Watal Crisis, the Zaar traditional rituals(LhmbZaar)postponements, the Disguised Baba Gonto 21st memorial which let to the death of three persons and unwanton detention of Mr Roro a responsible father of seven(7) who was remanded for over a year.
The Bauchi state government under Kaura is in Court with 40 Zaar patriotic son’s over the program 21st memorial service, which well-meaning Zaar people knows nothing about. The letters are there, whereby the children of Baba Gonto wrote to the governor to sponsor the Anniversary and again the letter is there of the son’s of Baba Gonto apologizing to the entire Zaar Nation for not adhering to the security cautions. The question remains, “what was the government’s interest in Baba Gonto memorial ceremony? Or was that an opportunity for the Governor to use the internal willing Arsenal to fight Zaar community? Why will the state government sue a community over a program organized by an individual after the community had earlier raised alarm that the programme had security implications but the state government flopped the caution?

Today, we are just Nine(9) days to the Governorship election, Kaura and his Armour bearers who are Supposed Zaar son’s are here again pretentiously trying to secure votes. If I was biologically a Sang gami, I would ask those who calls me ‘brother’ in order to secure my votes these questions:

  1. Do you really have a stake in Sang gami?
  2. Do you have a personal house in Sang Gami?
  3. Do you have a project or human development foundation in Sang gami?
  4. How many employments or study scholarships have you given to the Sang gami youths?
  5. If truly you love Sang gami, why was the road project not allocated to Sang gami?
    6.How often do you visit Sang gami?
  6. Would you have come or call us brothers if not that you are looking for votes?
  7. Are Sang gami people part of Gungzaar struggle or not?

Because even in Bauchi Town, no single project is allocated to Yelwa, Kagadama, RafinZurfi, Gudum, Dandanko among other settlements that are majorly dominated by zaar people. If not a lost consciousness, which Zaar son, if patriotic will stand before Zaar people to tell them to re-elect the Governor?
Kaura should know that Zaar people are aware that both him and his internal willing tools have failed and do not deserve our votes. We will vote someone again who has not promised us heaven and earth.
If he had only denied us infrastructure but give us peace and Unity internally, we would hope for a better second term. But as it is, we can’t afford to give him the privilege to further divide and cause us more havoc using our supposed ‘brothers’ who have lost their patriotism and consciousness to money and positions thus exchanging our colle times for personal. Zaar Nation says NO to kaura’s Second term.

An Opinion Article written by Comrade John Rica Emmanuel

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