The intensity ravaging Nigeria’s democracy

By Joseph Nathaniel Chongwomdah

Over the years, Nigeria were ruled by militaries before they began to practice democratic system of government, whereby individuals who are voted into power rule the country in their various respective positions. Since then, this system of government has been accepted and practiced by Nigerians.

However,this practice began to escalate whereby greedy politicians who try all possible means to gain power for their own selfish interest began to spoil the country’s democracy. They also go to any length in other to attain power, and don’t care about anyone but rather focus on achieving their personal gains. Also in recent years Nigerians began to lose hope in the country’s electoral process because they believe that the people they voted for are not the people that attained power. And they believe that anytime election is been conducted, it is always rigged and individuals that the citizens voted do not always emerges because of rigging which makes the people to lose hope.

Moreover, in the last 2023 general election Nigerians turned in mass to elect new leaders who will eradicate the activities of leaders who worked based on achieving their personal gains. But after the declaration of the presidential results many Nigerians wept bitterly because of the outcome of the election.

Nigerians in many parts of the country cry out bitterly that the independent national electoral commission (INEC) promised heaven and earth to conduct free, fair and transparent election, which made political parties demand for the cancellation of the election because they didn’t accept the outcome. This makes political parties and some of the citizen to protest the outcome and thereby call on INEC to re-transmit the results from polling units.

Finally, I hereby call on the people of our dear nation to remain calm and focus because in no distant time all their dreams and desires will be achieved when their political messiah finally comes and that is when the country’s activities will begin to flourish because the country is blessed with so many mineral and natural resources but we are lacking credible leaders to make good use of the natural resources to move our country to a greater heights.

Joseph Nathaniel Chongwomdah writes in from the Department of Mass Communication, Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, Bauchi.

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