2023: Giade LG campaign Coordinator pledges bloc votes for Governor Bala, his running mate, Auwal Jatau

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the Campaign Coordinator of Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state in Giade local government area of the state has promised that the governor and his running mate, Hon. Auwal Jatau are going to pull a bloc votes from the people of the area.

Speaking to our Corresspondent in an exclusive interview, the campaign coordinator, Alhaji Manu Kura boasted that with the laudable projects executed in the area, the governor and his running mate have the overwhelming support of Giade people come 2023.

Manu Kura who is also the Deputy Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the local government praised the governor for providing the needed dividends of democracy not only in Giade local government area but across nooks and crannies of the state.

“People elect leaders to work for them, we in Giade have benefited more than any other person from Bala’s administration”, he said.

According to him, the Governor has constructed road from Giade to Jugudu town to Kurba that linked the state to neighboring Jigawa.

Manu Kura who said the road which was started by the previous administration before Bala Mohammed took over power is very dear in the life of the people of Giade local government area.

“The last administration started it, it did some ground clearing and some earth work. When Governor Bala came on board, because he was pleased with what Giade people did for him, he took it up, now work has reached an advance stage, yesterday I saw small bridge and big culverts about five of them when I passed through there, the work has gone far and people have started passing through the road”, he said.

Manu Kura who expressed delight that the present administration has established a Hospital in Wuro Naggi community, said when given the second chance, Governor Bala will construct a road for the people of the area.

“The people of the area need it, the community has been looking for hospital in the past 20 years and they got it during Bala Mohammed, so, road construction is not going to be a big deal when the governor is re-elected in 2023”, he assured.

Manu who said Politics is about struggling to get something, noted that in Giade local government area, the people have benefited immensely from democracy under the present administration.

“Giade LG Council has during Bala’s administration, renovated the Palace of the district head of Giade, it has been tiled, PoP done and everything necessary has been put in place in the palace”, he further explained.

“The house of Wazirin Giade which was totally dilapidated has been renovated, about N17million was spent, and many other developmental projects have been executed in Giade”, Alhaji Manu stated.

He said since after the regime of Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu, Giade local government has not known that government is existing in Bauchi until now that Governor Bala Mohammed came on board.

“I am very sure that whatever we deserve in Giade in terms of dividends of democracy has been done to us by the present administration”, he said.

Manu Kura who said that the Giade LG Secretariat was built since the regime of Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu, pointed out that it has not been renovated by the successive administration until now that Kaura is steering the mantle of governance in the state.

“The Secretariat has now been transformed in line with the present day standard and for that reason, we the people of Giade would forever remained grateful to the governor for this gigantic effort and would want to assure him that we are with him”, he said.

“I am very sure that on the day of the election, before 2.00pm, the opposition will know where they belong to”, the campaign coordinator boasted.

Alhaji Manu Kura who praised the governor for chosing Hon. Auwal Jatau as his running mate, described the move as a well deserved combination.

“I am very sure that 80 percent of the people of Giade are people who play politics of progress, they have the interest of the local government and the state at heart and will vote for the governor massively when the time comes”, he said.

“Auwal Jatau once contested for governorship, he went round the state. If you see someone who has contested for governorship in the past and still accept to be a running mate, such person has the interest of the state at heart, he is not self centered, his selection as deputy Governor will bring a lot of progress to Katagum zone because he is good man”, Manu Kura said.

While expressing appreciation to Governor Bala for executing meaningful projects in Giade, the campaign Coordinator appealed to the electorates to vote for the Governor in 2023.

The campaign coordinator who called on the people of Giade to use their vote wisely by voting Bala Mohammed, urged them not to vote for someone who worked in government for 35 years and retired without employing a single person from Giade, the area he claimed to have come from.

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