2023: Muslims tasked on voting credible candidates

By Abubakar muhammadu, Biu

Muslims across Nigeria have been called upon to ensure that only credible leaders are voted into various elective positions in the upcoming February and March general elections.

A Muslim Cleric, Imam Yusuf Abdulhamid of Filin Jirgi Central Mosque, Biu local government area of Borno state made the call while delivering a Juma’at sermon yesterday.

The Imam who also reminded the Muslim faithfuls to fear Allah in their daily affairs, said that life in the world is temporary.

Leading a two raka’at Juma’at prayer, Imam Abdulhamid who centered his sermon on the need for people to fear Almighty Allah, stressed the urgent need for the Muslim believers to be God fearing in their day-to-day activities.

He therefore, reminded them that the punishment of Allah is there waiting for the defaulters in the world and hereafter.

“Our sermon today focused on fear of God, which is expected of every Muslim faithful, they are also expected to live a good life with their neighbors”, the Imam said.

“I quoted relevant verses from the Holy Qur’an and Hadith that spoke on the same issue”, he added.

The clergyman further advised the Muslims ummah to restrengthen their beliefs in the creator.

He further admonished them against committing Sinful acts in order to escape the wrath of Allah hereafter.

The Muslim Cleric urged eligible voters to get their Permanent voter’s Card to enable them exercise their franchise by voting the right candidates for a better representation.

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