Ahmed Yarima (Bawu) sponsored Qur’anic recitation competition kicks-off in Misau LG

Mohammed Kaka Misau

A Qur’anic recitation competition sponsored by Ahmed Yarima, also known as ‘Bawu’ has commenced in Misau local government area of Bauchi state.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the competition holding at the Misau Emir’s palace Mosque on Saturday, the Chairman, Steering Committee of the event, Yusuf Inuwa commended Ahmed Yarima for holding the competition first, in his home local government Misau.

“You have seen what is going on here, I commend him for starting it here in his home town and I also commend for propagating Islam by impacting the Islamic knowledge in our young ones”, he said.

According to him, the effort will help a lot in ensuring that the participants hold on to the messages of Allah as contained in the holy Qur’an in their daily affairs.

Yusuf Inuwa described as impressive, the ability of the event to also include participation from Izala Kaduna branch, Izala Jos branch, the Darika as well as participants from the Misau Emir’s palace Mosque.

“This shows that there is representation from all Islamic sects across Misau local government area”, he said.

The Chairman Steering Committee expressed delight that every segment of the Islamic sects were adequately represented in the ongoing Qur’anic recitation competition.

Yusuf Inuwa who said that the competition will hold for two days, noted that the sponsor had in his quest to ensure that the event succeeds, did not reduce a single Kobo from the proposal brought before him by the organizers.

He called on the beneficiaries and the Muslim faithfuls to pray to Allah to bless the sponsor of the competition abundantly.

Also speaking, the Chairman of the Quranic Recitation Competition, Muhammad Manga Isma’il, said that the idea of organizing the competition was born out of the advise they gave to the sponsor, Ahmed Yarima.

“Honestly, we have been with the sponsor of this competition, we have been advising him on the need to organize something like this for our children, most especially the youth, because it will impact positively in their lives”, he said.

He observed that many young men now a days are more focused on going to viewing centers to watch football matches instead of going to Islamiyya schools to learn the words of Allah.

“We observed that in our Communities today, many people prefer going to watch football instead of reading their Qur’an. Many well to do in the society are interested in organizing local football matches and other sporting events just for pleasure instead of more important things like this”, the Chairman of the competition, Manga pointed out.

He said, Ahmed Yarima has made history as the first person in Misau to have sponsored Quranic Recitation Competition for the young ones to be equipped with verses and knowledge of the Qur’an.

While thanking Ahmed Yarima for investing in the Islamic education of the upcoming generations, Manga Isma’il commended the participants who came from different sects of Islam, adding that the event will further unite the Muslim ummah in the area.

“The Qur’an teaches us that we should not be divided, this is one of the platforms that would unite us as Muslims. So, we appreciate Allah, we appreciate the sponsor for taking it upon himself to propagate Islam by using his heard-earned money, may Allah bless him abundantly”, he prayed.

Manga Isma’il who said that the gesture of Yarima will go down memory lane in the history of Misau, thanked the judges, Mosque Committee and everyone that contributed in one way or the other to ensure the success of the competition.

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