Air Marshal Sadique Has No Links With Thugs, Allegations Are Delusional — YAFODE

The accusation by a notorious online medium that the former Chief of Air Staff, who is the Gubernatorial Candidate of the APC in Bauchi State, Air Marshal Abubakar Sadique is recruiting political thugs and militants ahead of the gubernatorial election in the State is outlandish and delusional, a group, the Young Arewa for Development (YAFODE) have said.

“The accusation smacks of delusion. Air Marshal Sadique is a fine gentleman with no links to thuggery or political criminality as the report on Sahara Reporters suggests. This unfounded allegation is made without any facts or supporting evidence. It is a product of the imagination of the authors and simply seeks to attack the character of a man who has served Nigeria literally with his life.

“We have members in Bauchi State and we can assure the good people of Nigeria, and Bauchi that there is no such nonsense happening in the state,” the YAFODE noted in a statement signed by its President, Alhaji Nuhu Malumfashi.

The group declared the online report as a campaign of calumny sponsored against the former Service Chief by some persons within the Bauchi State Government, stating that “the current managers of the Bauchi State Government, who are scared of Air Marshal Sadique’s impending victory who have nothing to show for the last four years are coming up with lies and character assassination against Ambassador Sadique in a bid to weaken his popularity.”

“This is a cheap and unfortunate way to conduct a political campaign. Candidates should not sponsor false claims to attack other candidates. We should have a contest of capacity and ideas, not fake news. Let us put forward achievements and pedigree and talk to the people, and let them decide who they want. We are in a democracy.

“These lies, which we believe are promoted by opposition elements are not going to erase Air Marshal Sadique’s service to Nigeria; they cannot erase his longstanding and highly celebrated records. They cannot pull down the structures he has built for his people; they cannot take away the love his people have for him.”

YAFODE noted that the former Chief of Air Staff had an unblemished, respectable and formidable record while in Service to the nation and was well-suited for the job of Governor.

“We are proud of Air Marshal Abubakar Sadique’s achievement as Chief of Air Staff. They are there for everyone to see,” Alhaji Malumfashi said.

“Hundreds of our young AirForce Women and Men were trained as pilots in the country and outside. He established Airforce Special Forces have consistently aided sister agencies in Zamfara, Benue, Kaduna as need arises.

“It was under Air Marshal Sadique that Nigeria acquired about 43 aircrafts. This is the highest ever acquired in a single regime. In fact, Nigeria can now boast of a fleet courtesy the dedication of this man.

“Go back to our recent history: who decimated the terrorist Bodo Haram group from the skies? Was it not the Air Force under Air Marshal Sadique? Have we forgotten so soon? How he sent the criminals to oblivion?.

“We must be able to discern the handiwork of those who seek to blot a man’s good deeds with fake news, and avoid falling into a pit of deceit. The Air Marshal had an unblemished, respectable and formidable career. He is not the one who will tarnish his records because of politics. Rather he is bringing in the pride of his Service and dedication to Nigeria to say ‘here I am to serve my people’,” the statement noted.”

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