Aminu Saleh college of education matriculates close to 2000 students

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

The Aminu Saleh College of Education Azare, Bauchi State, has matriculated a total of 1,632 Students for the NCE 100 Level, in 5 schools and 26 programmes for the 2021/2022 academic session.

At the 36th Matriculation Ceremony, the Provost of the College, Professor Asabe Sadiya Mohammed, told the matriculants that the institution is widely known for its hard work, discipline, peace, tranquility and harmony.

She therefore, tasked them on the need to keep to the Oath they took so that these values are jealously maintained throughout their stay in the College and even beyond.

“As a Teacher Training Institution, the College expects its Students to show high sense of discipline, maturity, responsibility and decorum in their conduct and utterances, where ever they are. For this singular reason, is hereby granted the right to access and download the Students’ Handbook which will definitely guide you on the dos and don’ts of the Institution.

“At this juncture, It will not be out of place to inform you that; the College has zero tolerance for anti-social behaviour or moral vices such as: Examination Malpractice, Participation in activities of the underworld, Cultism, heinous activities, possession and/or taking of Hard Drugs, indecent dressing, smoking of Indian hemp, heroin, forgery and fighting to mention but a few, where such offences attracts outright dismissal from the College,” the Provost warned.

She said “On taking over the affairs of the Institution it became obvious to me that the most serious challenge facing the College is the dwindling and low enrolment which was about to cripple the entire system”.

“I took it up myself to contact all the key stakeholders for a way out of this predicament, and I am happy to report to you today that such efforts have yielded positive results by improving and scaling up the enrolment figures into this appreciable level”, the college Provost further said.

“I also wish to use this medium to reiterate the commitment of my administration right from its inception on 1st January, 2022 to date that welfare and security issues have been my focal points and priorities. This is why the provisions of Health Care Services, portable water, affordable Commuter Services to Students, Security, improved sanitary and healthful conditions are always made available to both the Staff and Students in the College.

“You might also have been aware that the Federal Government had earlier introduced Scholarship Scheme for those Students who might have earned a CGPA of 3.50 and above in respect of the NCE Students. The College had recently recorded a total of 40 students who have been awarded the Federal Scholarship. The awardees are only awaiting the payment of N200,000 and N250,000 for the NCE and undergraduate programmes respectively which is about to be made by the Government.”

According to Professor Sadiya, in order to encourage healthy academic competition among the students, the College had equally introduced an internal scholarship scheme package. She explained that the scholarship takes care of the best all round Students per School per Level, where a waiver of Registration Fees for the entire session as well as Twenty Thousand Naira (N20,000) upkeep allowances are graciously granted for encouragement.

The College, according to the Provost, presently has a total number of 104 physically challenged students enrolled into the different programmes being run in the Institution. Saying “these categories of Students are usually being given free education from admission to graduation by the College through the donation of customized motorcycles, Braille machines, amongst others. The gesture is to facilitate their individual studies.

She noted that the college has recently secured an updated portal for students’ e-registration, in order to simplify the registration process so as to avoid having any long queues during the registration, noting that students can now register in the comfort of their homes or even bedrooms using their mobile phones through the application.

The Provost, who recalled that, the College was disconnected from the National Grid for quite some time due to some obvious challenges in its financial position, which led to having a total blackout and prolonged darkness in the campus, assured that the College has concluded plans with the Jos Electricity Distribution (JED) Company for the reconnection and restoration of the Electricity Supply, particularly in the Students Hostels, Library and Clinic soonest.

Professor Sadiya used the opportunity to reveal plans to establish in the College an Investment and Innovation Centre through National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), which will lead to the award of some National Diplomas and Certificates in Skills acquisition and Vocational trades.

She thanked Governor, Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir for his tremendous support and uncommon transformation of the entire College into one of the Centres of Excellence in Teacher Education nationwide.

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