APC Youth Urges Party To Investigate Bauchi Former Governor Over Anti-party Activities 

The National Youth Caucus of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Bauchi state Wing has berated the immediate past Governor of the State, Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar (SAN) for declaring support for the reelection bid of the State Governor, Sen Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir saying that it is an act of anti-party. 

State Chairman of APC National Youth Caucus, Comrade Alkaseem Nuhu Abdulkadir while addressing Journalists on Sunday, called on the National Secretariat of the APC to immediately constitute a high powered committee to investigate the actions of the former Governor and impose necessary action on him in line with the constitution of the party. 

“As patriotic member of our great party, the All progressive Congress (APC) from Bauchi State, we humbly urge the National Executive Committee of our great party to as a matter of urgent responsibility set a committee to investigate into the Anti-Party activities, conduct, which is likely to embarrass or have adverse effect on the Party and bring the Party into hatred, contempt, ridicule and disrepute by the conduct of His Excellency Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar SAN, the former Governor of Bauchi State as provided under article 21 (1) (i) and (ii) and the provision of article 21 (2) (i) and (ii) of the APC Constitution.”

“Thus subject to the provisions of this article and the right to fair hearing, the Party shall have power to discipline members of the Party. The Power shall be exercised on behalf of the Party by the respective Executive Committee in line with the provisions hereunder.”

“The offences which are against the Party shall include the following: Article 21.2 A breach of any provision of this Constitution. Anti-Party activities or any conduct, which is likely to embarrass or have adverse effect on the Party or bring the Party into hatred, contempt, ridicule or disrepute.  

“Now in view of the serious nature of the allegations bordering on the violation of the party constitution against His Excellency Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar SAN, and particularly its relevance to the integrity, success as well as reputation of our great Party which is facing serious threat, based on the situation at hand in Bauchi State, we are obliged to request you (i.e the National Executive Committee) to cause steps to be urgently taken in order to save the party from repeat of 2019 Gubernatorial election in the state,” he stressed. 

He narrated that last week, the former Governor attained the rank of Senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN) which was occasioned by an unprecedented event that cheered the  attainment.

He stated that “Colorfully, in attendance were all former Governors and many dignitaries from ins and outs of the state.  Of course, courtesy demands that all to rejoice with him in such a historic event for the respect and spirit of unity and progress being the advocate of those social values which he was known for.” 

Alkaseem Abdulkadir stated that, “To our greatest dismay and putative justifications, he put- off the offer after committing huge resources to the program. It is too great to bear, which is why we are constrained to go public to say that the whole thing is an act of anti party by a former Governors who benefited more anyone in APC.”

According to him, “No doubt, it is an act capable of causing disunity and instability within the party and by disturbing extension would cast unmatched doubt in the mind of electorates considering the place he occupied in APC, this is sad and unfortunate and undemocratic.” 

“Furthermore, in the dinner event, we have listen to every word from his remarks at the dinner where he said, “4 years is not enough for the incumbent” the phase, loosely mean the incumbent deserved another four years tenure in office at the expense of his party’s candidate, equally, approval and support for continuity of PDP administration in Bauchi state on top of hardships and poor, non directional administration, tested and failed  Government.” 

“Invariably, that unrealistic comment is suffice to say, M A Abubakar is playing anty-party because, the two were not intimately related, politically until recent in his dubious bid paralyze the party that fed him well and supported his attainment of Senior Advocate of Nigeria,” he declared. 

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