Barr Bello: the contemporary redeemer of the hopeless

By Usman Abdullahi Koli

From the time Allah created this world some are destined to help while others are meant to receive the assistance, if all people are the same it would be somehow and therefore there is wisdom on why God did that.

Even in that, there are special personalities that are more generous and kind than others, from this wonderful category emerged Barrister Muhammad Bello Shehu. He is outspoken to issues of public concern, friendly to young and old, discerner of lies no matter its timid gravity and he often embraces people’s predicament as his own.

One would come across people that are behaviorically upright, philanthropically worthwhile and totally selfless when it comes to financial issue; all these afore mentioned qualities are stocked in Shehu Datti. The children are singing his name, the old are respecting him and the youths are imitating him.

Barrister Muhammad Bello Shehu is a man whose passion in serving humanity is extraordinary. I would not be mistaken if i say his generosity is second to none in our society.

Bello Shehu has been trained by various prestigious institutions, which afforded him wealth of experience in various endeavors of life. And the fact that he is passionate about helping the masses further beautifies his life.

Other amazing attributes of this humble man is that, he did not allow his level of knowledge to disconnect him from his people and tradition. It is amazing to know that Shehu Datti is a man of great courage who serves humanity.

He is a well prominent person not only in his hometown Kano State but in the entire country. This man is best to be described as mentor, father, and ultimate contributor for whenever i believe you call out to him he will responds back.

If i have the opportunity i will be self – appointed Personal Assistant or a close associate to this epitome of magnanimity, just because i want to emulate his good characters.

When it comes to integrity he stands out of many. This gentle man, always stays moderate, he opens up his helping hands all the time. Believe me even himself can not tell resources he spent in helping the people.

The number of commendations, prayers and well wishing poured upon him from within and outside Kano State from the masses are a testament to his humanity.

It is true that a person like Barrister Muhammad Bello Shehu who always sleep and wake up with suffering of ordinary citizens in his heart, God opens new ways that doubles his income. He transform the lives of others while Almighty grant him more on daily basis; it is therefore pertinent that the best way for success is emulating the performance of Muhammad of assisting humanity irrespective of their differences.

To pen down his goodness, kindness, generosity will take a long time to complete. For me to say I would fully itemize his contributions and detaily discuss, the ink of my pen will dry without rounding off, my energy will be exhausted and my time will be so much consumed. This is so because I do not have the profundity of words, the right adjectives to qualify his uncommon humanity.

Let me just humbly submit that having such a person in our community is a blessing of Allah which I can not afford to conceal no matter what it will cause and cost me.

To Allah be the glory and we must continue to glorify Him for the gift of Muhammad Bello Shehu.

May the Almighty empower him with more strength to be firm in this righteousness, protect him keep guiding and guarding him.

Usman Abdullahi Koli,

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