Bauchi 2023: Does A Lamp Have No Relevance Unless It’s At Night?

As the 2023 general elections knock on the fence, the Bauchi State political atmosphere is in extremely high conditions where a myriad of political aspirants have begun revealing their interests in contesting for different elective posts.

For the governorship, however, several aspirants have emerged, some of whom have been in the political hubbub of Bauchi State for some time, while others have not even attempted to aspire for any post before. Most of the contestants have been in the political arena of Bauchi State and have brought developmental projects to the state prior to demonstrating their interests in the seat.

Contrarily, one aspirant who is a novice in politics; a new-comer who does not have any history of touching the lives of the masses throughout his career in civil service, despite reaching an elevated position that offers a lot of opportunities, Lo and behold! Now that he is in desperate need of power, he comes with various empowerment programs fashioned to win the hearts of the gullible electorate.

Given the preceding testimony, one might ask, “Do the electorates have no relevance except on the eve of the election?” This, without a doubt, describes the selfishness of politicians who cannot mingle and improve the living standards of the masses until they have something personal to acquire.

Furthermore, the party to which this politician aspires may not be able to triumphantly win the election. Because nowadays, the masses have already discovered the cunning movements of such politicians and are also plotting to deal with them at the polls. Therefore, the APC should be mindful of where to throw the dice comes 2023.

Mallam Musbahu Magayaki
Writes from Sabon Fegi, Azare.
Bauchi State.

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