Bauchi holds Two-day Capacity building Training for Tsangaya and Islamiyya Teachers

Samuel Luka

A two day capacity building training has been held at the Hajj Camp Bauchi for TSangaya and Islamiyya teachers.

With the theme: Revitalization and Transformation of TSangaya and Islamiyya Education, the capacity building training was organized by the First Lady of Bauchi state, Hajiya Dr Aisha Bala Mohammed in collaboration with the Islamic Center for Peace building and Research Development (IC-PAD) Abuja.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of training Tuesday, the First Lady said that the aim of the training was to build the capacity and knowledge of the participants to the transformative journey towards the revitalization and transformation of Tsangaya and Islamic education in Bauchi State.

Hajiya Aisha who expressed commitment to the cause of education, particularly Islamic education, said education plays a vital role in shaping the minds and hearts of the youth.

According to her, the training workshop was a a significant step forward to enhance the quality of education provided in Tsangaya schools and Islamic institutions across Bauchi state.

She said that the theme of the capacity building training underscores the need for reflection on the current state of Tsangaya and Islamic education and envision a future that is not only rich in tradition but also adaptive to the evolving needs of the society.

“Our Tsangaya schools have a long and cherished history, serving as centers of learning and character-building for generations. However, in the face of modern challenges, it is incumbent upon us to breathe new life into these institutions, ensuring they remain vibrant place of knowledge, compassion, and community development”, she said.

The Governor’s wife pointed out that the training program was designed to equip Islamic school teachers with the tools, methodologies, and innovative approaches necessary for the 21st century.

“We must embrace technology, modern teaching techniques, and collaborative learning environments to provide our students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the future”, Hajiya Aisha stated.

She stressed that the dedication of the participants and willingness are crucial in fostering an environment where students can thrive academically, morally, and socially.

She called on the TSangaya and Islamiyya teachers to in addition to imparting academic excellence, also focus on instilling values of tolerance, compassion, and respect for diversity in their students.

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