Be magnanimous in victory, ex-APC Reps aspirant urges Bauchi Gov

Samuel Luka, Bauchi

Bala Mohammed, the Governor of Bauchi state and the Governor-elect under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has been advised to be magnanimous in victory by taking advises from his co-contenders in the just concluded Governorship election in order to move the state forward.

Former house of representatives aspirant for Misau/Dambam Federal Constituency under the All Progressives Congress APC, Mohammed Aliko Mohammed gave the advice in an interview with our Corresspondent on Tuesday.

Aliko Mohammed said however that, whatever the decision his party will take on the outcome of the election is a welcome idea to him.

“As a card carrying member of the APC, we believe in democracy, and everybody came out, I think in the history of Nigeria this one of the best conducted election”, he said.

Aliko Mohammed who however stated that the election must have been characterized by some discrepancies here and there, added that generally, it is viewed as been free and fair.

“We have tried our best, we believe that our Candidate is still better, but the electorates have decided to chose whom they feel will serve their purpose”, he said.

Speaking specifically on Misau where the APC Governorship candidate polled highest votes, Aliko Mohammed prayed that they would not be victimized for exercising their franchise.

“It is democracy, we believe that we spoke our minds, we are now the proper opposition, but this doesn’t change us from been citizens of Bauchi state and it doesn’t reduce our rights or entitlements to getting benefit from Bauchi state”, he said.

Aliko Mohammed further insisted that, “we believe that this is how democracy is strengthen, we believe that if everybody comes together and move in one direction then who will check the other”.

The former house of representatives aspirant while stating that Democracy is designed for checks and balances, promised to abide by the decision his party is going to take regarding the governorship election results.

“I don’t personally know what the stand of the party is now but whatever decision the party takes in respect to this election, they have my backing hundred percent”, he said.

Aliko Mohammed added that the Governor, Bala Mohammed as well as the Air Marshal Sadique are all citizens of Bauchi state who all contested with sole intention of making Bauchi state a better place.

“So, we believe that at the end of the day all of us are the better for it. We want to implore the Governor to reach out to his co-contestant and also take some ideas from him that have been raised”, Aliko further admonished.

He added, “you know, one cannot be perfect, where there are areas of improvement you can go ahead and take from there and improve. I am sure if he was the one that loss the election, the other one will also continue with the good projects that he has started”.

Aliko Mohammed called on the people of his constituency and the people of Bauchi state to accept the will of God that whatever the decision the party takes, they will stand by it.

“Whatever decision the party takes, Alhamdulillahi, we will stand behind it. The good thing is, it is for the progress of Bauchi state that there is now accountability, there is now an opposition that can put eye and mouth as to what is going on. This is just my own statement”, he said

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