College Registrar commends Gov Bala for improving education, wants order on closure of unaccredited colleges enforced

Mohammed Kaka

Bauchi state Governor, Bala Mohammed has been commended for executing developmental projects and Programmes towards boosting the education sector in the state.

The Registrar of Aminu Saleh College of education Azare, Mal. Abdullahi Babaji who made the commendation in an interview with our Corresspondent yesterday, expressed optimisms that the Governor will do more during his second tenure.

The Registrar who congratulated the Governor for securing his second term bid, appealed to his administration to ensure that all unaccredited colleges of education operating in the state are not allowed to thrive.

Mal. Abdullahi further appreciated what the Bauchi state government under Bala Mohammed has done and is doing in the education sector, added that the Governor has done so much to improve the sector.

“I am however, appealing to His Excellency and his cabinet to look inward towards further improving the standard of education in Bauchi state as we are training teachers who are training our younger ones, they should have qualitative education”, he pleaded.

“I appreciate the effort and decision government took on the issue of suspending those mushroom colleges that are not accredited”, the Registrar pleaded.

“I am appealing to the government to enforce the sanction on them to stop them from continuing. As of now, their Programmes is ongoing, so I am appealing to government to enforce the law for the stoppage of that illegal NCE Programmes because they are training those that will teach the younger ones”, he lamented.

He suggested that the management of such colleges should transfer the students to the main or regular and accredited NCE awarding colleges.

“Government should also consider the promotion of the staff, implementation of promotion and regular implementation and motivation to have more performance, with that, I am sure we can not fail the government, we anticipate additional and positive support”, he submitted.

On provision of welfare, the Registrar said, “we have two sides, at the case of teaching staff, they have much privilege than their non teaching counterparts because they have sponsorship from Tetfund in which when I was in union, we battle that the non teaching staff should be included at certain percentage in the staff training and development”.

He said by doing so, the non teaching staff would be encourage to perform very well, adding that the college has more than thirty PhD holders as a result of the staff development.

“It is because of this staff training and development that Tetfund is sponsoring, if we can benefit from the gesture they two deserve it, I believe if done, you will start seeing PhD holders in non teaching staff”, the Registrar added.

“We are serving the same purpose, we can not do without them, they can also not do without us. I am now appealing to the government to look inward and carve out certain percentage even if it is 30 percent, to be 30/70 as it is done in the conference and workshops. Let the non teaching also enjoy thirty percent of the package, that will enable our staff to acquire more knowledge and that will help to deliver improved service in the system.

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