Dalung Should Keep Quite On Peter Obi

Peter Obi Northern Ambassadors worldwide (PONA) has warn the former Minister of youths and sport Solomon Dalung to shun unnecessary selfish comments on the Labour Party’s presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi with a view to gain cheap publicity after rendered irrelevant by his party the APC from 2019 to date.

The warning is contain in a press released signed by the National Co-ordinator of PONA Malam Sani Muhammad Sani, copies made available to newsmen Sunday.

The former Minister, Solomon Dalung was said to have urged Nigerian youths to avoid what he described as the same mistake they made in 2015 by making sure that they do not support the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi, the same way that they blindly supported Buhari in the 2015 presidential election of Nigeria.

Mr. Sani said Peter Obi’s attackers are gaining nothing from doing such but hides under different pretext to be relevant and be in the news which they thought they will gain by attacking the sure winning presidential candidate who’s charismatic character has captured the hearts of the Nigerian youths.

Mr. Sani further stated that Dalung is a job seeker who was removed by the current epileptic government of the APC in 2019, who afterwards tried by all means to be re-employed but was dump by the party, the party’s action according to PONA Co-ordinator was a very bitter pill to Dalung to swallow which makes him resorts to attacking the party and the president that gave him opportunity and fail.

PONA continued by advising Dalung and the rest of publicity seekers who keeps attacking Obi to be patient, purify their hearts, remove envy and jealousy to support the future presidency of Peter Obi where they may be opportune to serve Nigeria in a positive way.

“Supporting Peter Obi is the beginning of wisdom, Obi, Datti candidature is best Nigeria and Nigerians will ever have at the moment, it is and opportunity that Nigerians have, to vote for the only unification team of the labour party. it is now or till thy kingdom come.” Mr. Sani Concludes

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