Misau Metropolis and the urgent need for a brand-new fire-fighting vehicle

Misau Metropolis is the third major town in Bauchi State with over two million population after Bauchi and Katagum local government areas of the state.

The town according to research, grows by twenty percent annually but unfortunately, it is currently grappling with no sound and functional firefighting vehicle to stop any inferno in the town and the surrounding environs and nearby villages.

Recall that last month, Misau Central market engulfed in fire at night but when people called for the fire service to come to their aid, the firefighting vehicle could not be accessible because it was grounded.

An investigation by Baushe Daily Times discovered that the problem of the firefighter vehicle is attributable to being too old to be useful.

According to a reliable source, during the recent market inferno in Misau, the firefighting vehicle couldn’t be used due to a lack of functional battery, coupled with the age of the vehicle, as such, a brand new one is needed to confront emergencies in terms of fire disaster.

Also, in another night inferno in Misau, the house of one, Mohammed Idris Aftaka at Matawalle road, a distress call put forward to officials of the fire service in Misau yielded no positive result, as the car had one or two issues. The fire was put off by people within the community after the damage was done, something that could have been averted if a sound firefighter truck had been available.

To forestall future occurrences, the Bauchi state government must wake up to its constitutional responsibility and provide the people of Misau with functional firefighting vehicle.

Concerted efforts should be put in place by ensuring that the fire service personnel stationed in the Misau local government area and the state, in general, are better trained in modern techniques of fighting fire disasters. Other necessary equipment and a conducive working atmosphere including better remuneration should be made available to encourage effective and efficient management of the inferno not only in Misau town but the state as a whole.

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