Governor Bala Mohammed will consolidate on his previous achievements – Mai Poster

Mohammed Kaka Misau

Honourable Sulaiman Musa Mai Poster is the former Senior special Assistant (SSA) to Governor Bala Mohammed’s office in the last four years. In this interview with Baushe Daily Times, he expressed optimisms that the Governor will consolidate on his many achievements.


BDT: The 2023 general election has come and gone and your principal Sen. Bala Mohammed returned elected. How would you described his victory?

Mai Poster: It is a well deserved victory considering the many developmental projects the governor within the span of just four years executed across the nooks and crannies of Bauchi state. Infact HE’s projects cuts across the critical sectors of the economy that includes Education, Health, Agriculture, youth and women empowerment as well as massive infrastructural development Particularly roads.

Governor Bala Mohammed’s last four years was no doubt a total turn around maintenance of Bauchi state.

BDT: Since 1976 when Bauchi state was created Governor Bala Mohammed has given the people of Bauchi state a befitting Government House that can compete favorably with other states across the country. How would you adjudge the Governor’s performances?

Mai Poster: Excellent. As I said earlier if you look at the number of urban road renewal and rehabilitation projects within Bauchi metropolitan city as a deliberate policy of the Governor to open up the city center, you will agree with me that our amiable governor deserves his reelection. You see, it is not the execution of the projects per say, but the governor’s leadership recruitment, deepening stakeholders and using little resources to achieve and do a lot. He came when there was economic downturn due to the outbreak of coronavirus but he was amongst the few governors in Nigeria that succeeded in impacting positively on the lives of the people.
The many developmental projects executed and his leadership style therefore endeared people of the state to massively vote for him for the second term and you can see that his votes in 2023 was much more than that of 2019 because of the trust and confidence people have on him, we remain grateful to them.

BDT: Your principal is back for the second term, what assurance do you have for the people of Bauchi state?

Mai Poster: In my personal opinion, if am asked to rate the governor based on percentages I will outrightly scored the governor at least 80 percent in just four years and with this development what do you expect since by the grace of Allah he will spend another four years. Look at his performances in terms of empowerment programs, His excellency went round the 20 local Government areas of the state to empower youth and women for sustainable growth and development, the first of its kind in the history of Bauchi state politics. He partnered Donor agencies working in the health sector and the federal government (UBEC) to reinvigorate the Health and education sectors which gives rise to many developmental projects in our Hospitals, primary health care centers and schools among others. In fact if you are told that all these projects were executed in just four one may think it is an eighth years administration.

BDT: What is your call on the people of Bauchi state?

Mai Poster: As his boys and lieutenants, all we need from the good people of Bauchi state is continued prayers and support. We have seen the footsteps and landmarks of Governor Bala Mohammed, and I assure you he will not fail the people. His name has been written in gold and history would continue to remember him as a senator, Minister and Governor that worked hard to bring out Bauchi state out of the woods in terms of development and good governance.
As his former aides, I am pretty sure and optimistic that the sky would be the stepping stone for the people of Bauchi state under the able leadership of Distinguish Sen Bala Mohammed Con Kauran Bauchi, Jagaban Katagum.

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