Governor Mohammed: A Truly awe- inspiring Leader with Viable Records.

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

Taking into retrospect, the fact that politically, socially, educational wise ,human resources, and tourism, Bauchi State is among the few States that are on top of the pile in terms of reaching it zenith in all aspects of socio- economic development before entwined in ocean of dribs and drabs development ever since the inception of democracy in 1999.
The entire governance prior to the coming of Governor Bala Mohammed administration seems to be crest fallen, in that the state which hitherto in the league of other states that determine who get what of the nation’s leadership seems to have been played second fiddle, which virtually thrown the state in cul-de-sac moment before now.
Although, previous administrations in the state since the advent of democracy in 1999, within their administration ambit balls- out to ensure raising the fever-pitch of the state but ended up fizzled out.
Despite series of concerted efforts made by the previous administrations to ensure of making fine-tune of democratic devidend to the people of the state seems to be in awry.
This acts of banana skin exhibited by past administrations resulted in given birth to five years of unpaid allowances and leave grants of many workers, lack of payment’s of outstanding pension and gratuity of the retire Civil Servants, influxes of ghost workers in the government payroll, dilapidated, roads, schools, hospitals and many others uncompleted projects.
However, it was at this stench moment or tribulation era that Governor Bala Mohammed administration’s found itself after assumption of office on 29th May 2019 .
In spite of political/ administration quagmire which led the state in looming danger in respect to socio- economic and political upbringing of the state, Governor Bala Mohammed being apogee political and administrative leader with wealth of administrative acumen, in the first instance after assumption of office made a felicitous efforts and ensured of co-opting
aristocrats with versatile wealth of knowledge in various field into his cabinet.
After assumption of office, Governor Mohammed first apprise vested in the point that his admission want a functionable, effective and virile government structures and apparatus working as expected in all sectors of the economy.
The audacity political leader, Governor Bala Mohammed and his cabinet did not leave any stone unturned and ensured changing the operational codes of governance in the state from flaccid stages to contemporary administrative state of arts.
The first sector that felt his administrative linchpin is the infrastructural development.
In this regard Governor Mohammed led admission made a quantum leap and ensured of speedy of both Urban and Rural renewal plans.
More so the Bauch State government under his watchful eye took council of war with investors which thereafter declared interest and key into the expansion and mordernazation of the state through Urban- Rural development.
So far ,Bauchi state government from inception of Governor Bala Mohammed to date , his administration awarded capital projects contract worth over 45 billions Naira, ranging from road construction, rehabilitation and dualization , building of thousands of class rooms in primary and Junior secondary School, rehabilitation laboratories and furnishings offices as well as fencing of some among the public school in the state.
Governor Bala Mohammed’s administration has awarded and constructed several roads in the state, like the construction of 58.8km road from Burga- Yelwa Duguri, Muda Lawal road 1.1km and Gombe- Maiduguri Bypass about 4.2km.
In the same applitude, the Bauchi state government constructed Sade- Akuyam road 16Km,Tafawa Balewa road , Azare 1.7k m, Tamaare Bypass Azere 1.3km, Yakubun Bauchi- Raji Quarters road a out 1.7km and Sabon Kaura- Mir road 6.2km among others.
Most of these finesse projects are either completed or are on the finishing touches.
Health Sector:
The health Sector is another significant issues and on top of the pile of Governor Bala Mohammed led administration in Bauchi state. In this regard, his administration despite the global economy recession, which our nation’s too, entangled into, allocated 16 percent of the yearly budget to the sector.
Governor Bala Mohammed’s administration within one year or so in office, was able to rehabilitate 26 General Hospitals,1,117 PHC and the Specialist Hospital.
Also his administration, move a step further and built many Laboratories, across the state, while, beds and other hospitals facilities were provided as well as sent many Nurses on various course to update their talents.
Governor Bala Mohammed being a truly awe – inspiring leader with impeachable records his administration ensured sustainability of 108 Primary Health Care (PHC) in the state through the help of Development Partners like European Union and UNICEF, but aspiring to have one in each of the political wards, aside joined forces with the Federal Government for first track development within the Sector.
With the global outbreak of the deadly health monster, called Corona Virus in early last year, which poses serious threads to human health as well as economy growth, the state government did no leave any stone unturned in joined forces with the Federal Government in fight to the finish of this deadly monster in the nation’s space.
In the first instance, the state government partners with the North East Development Commission (NCDC) and constructed a Laboratory, where the state government provided the land, funds for the construction, procurement of furniture and power supply.
Also , Governor Bala Mohammed administration equally realized monies for the Commissioned State Molecular Test Center at Bauchi State Specialist Hospital, prompt payments of front line health workers, contact tracing, surveillance, Case Management, risk Communication, logistic and Supply infection prevention and coordination.
More so, aside the state government embarked on massive state awareness of the pandemic, the government equally procured over 700 ,000 facemask and other hand sanitizer and distributed to people of the state in an effort to pipe down the spread of this monster in the state and beyond.
Education Sector:
Governor Bala Mohammed being apostle of Western education propagation and Journalist of repute his administration taken into cognisance of the fact without functionable, effective and efficient education, no nation’s will attainment some level scales of development in all ramifications, as such his administration added values to the existed structures on ground.
In line with this, his administration policy to promote education in the state, constructed about 270 new class rooms and renovated another 405 across the state.
The projects were spread in both the rural and Urban areas.
Not only these, Governor Bala Mohammed administration made a perless performance by ensured increament of enrollment of pupils yearly as well as procurement of furniture and facilities for the schools across the state.

Power supply:
Governor Bala Mohammed administration conscious of the fact that without stable power supply the entire state would not.only experience total darkness, but even the economy sector will no doubt entwined in load dice against.
On assumption of office, Governor Bala Mohammed administration injected the sum of two hundred millions for the installation of streets lights through the ministry of power supply and ensured stable power supply in the state.
Restructuring of Public Service:
The fact that Governor Bala Mohammed administration came to power at a time most Civil Servants and pensioners in the state were in state of quandary deu to dribs and drabs payments of allowances, and leave grants of workers as well as pension and gratuity of retire workers in the state.
With inception of Governor Mohammed into office, on 29th May 2019, ray’s of sunshine seems to have rekindle their hopes and aspirations of both workers and pensioners.
The Bauchi state government despite economy logjam, is still making progress in leap and bounds vis-a-vis offsets of debt.
Aside these, in an effort to recoup the glory of public service and to get rid of any sorts of pyramid scheme constituted higher powered communitee to fish out ghost workers on government payroll in the state.
The Governor made a radical approached to the issues of illegal scheme of what he tagged as pre-existing corruption.
So with recruitment of financial Consultant and God-fearing people at the helm off affairs, Bauchi state government discovered about 1000 ghost workers and instituted an investigation of another forty one thousands ,(41,000Civil Servants who are currently have no BVN.
The development made possible for the state to save monies close to one million dollars.
Violence Against Persons Prohibition act:
The administration of Governor Bala Mohammed’s made a roaring success being the fact that the state is the only state in the North East. to demonstrate the VAPP Acts.
The VAPP is the single law in place that transcend the criminal and penal code in guarantee justice and protecting the right and property of victims of sexual and gender- base violence.across the country.
These are some of the milestone recorded so far by Governor Bala Mohammed led administration in office.

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