March 11: Shine your eyes, elect Nasiru Gawuna as Governor – Wada tells Kano people

Mohammed Kaka Misau

A Concerned citizen in Kano state, Bature Zakariyya Wada has called on the electorates to shine their eyes and vote for the Governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna come March 11.

Bature Zakariyya Wada who stated this in a telephone interview with our Corresspondent yesterday, noted that the APC Guber candidate possessed all the qualities of a Governor.

He further noted that the track records of achievements of Nasiru Gawuna when he served as a local Chairman of Nasarawa speaks volume for his chances of winning the election.

“I want to comment on political issues as a bonafide citizen of Kano state. We feel it is high time we draw the attention of our people on the ongoing politicking considering the fact that there are a lot of candidates of different political parties jostling to govern Kano for the next four years”, he said.

Zakariyya Wada while pointing out that among the Guber candidates, there are competent ones and non competent ones described some of them as sheep in the Wolf skin.

“Apart from this, it is equally important for people to know that there are competent and good ones among them. We are referring to a particular competent man who has held different positions in the past and has performed creditably well”, he said.

According to him, Gawuna’s performance has impacted positively in the lives of many people, adding that the APC Governorship candidate is someone that he knew for close to 50 years ago.

“We have been together with him (Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna), been students who went to school together. His love and popularity among students earns him a nickname of ‘Brozie or Brother’, the name that followed him till date within the friends circle”. His competence has reached a stage that you can’t compare him with other candidates”, he said.

Wada who boasted that if free and fair elections is to be held, the kind of votes Yusuf Gawuna will get is going to surprise many people.

“Those that we started school together have agreed and testified about his good qualities, they have agreed and accepted him. Gawuna has made possible, the reunion of our brothers/friends we have started secondary school with over 40 years ago that are scattered in both Kano and Jigawa, through organizing a reunion meeting of classmates. He has, in a memorable event, gathered old friends of close to 50 years together happily, as everyone dine and crack jokes on our past memories”, he recalled.

Zakariyya Wada who described the Governorship candidate of the APC as a man who loves people, said Nasiru lived a peaceful life with his friends and created job opportunities for many of them.

While stating that Gawuna has a lot of experience he gathered since his days as local government chairman and Commissioner for Agriculture, Zakariyya noted that he was able to record tremendous successes.

“He did what no local government chairman can do during his time as Chairman. Gawuna is the only person who goes to the hospital and deposit money so that the less privileged persons can be treated freely”, said.

While noting that such gesture has never been done by any local government chairman, Zakariyya said that the Governorship candidate was able to offer free healthcare services to the less privileged.

“He was a local government Chairman for Nasarawa local government area of Kano state, since then, no body has done what Gawuna did for his people, he was a Commissioner of Agriculture and he exhibited high level of competence”, he further explained.

“Because of his competence and experience, the Gov endorsed him as his successor because he stands out among others”, the concerned citizen said.

He added that the APC Governorship candidate is a peace loving person, who likes mingling with people, his utterances and how well he relates with people endeared him to the people of Kano state.

He noted with affirmation that Gawuna has during his tenure as Chairman of Nasarawa local government area, made several empowerment projects on various trades, adding that it is worthy to note that the shoe shiner that use to polish his shoes as youngster is among the beneficiaries of his good gesture.

He said that the gesture is the reflection of Gawuna’s reliability and humility as a leader who never forget good friends and good people.

While expressing optimisms about the chances of Gawuna, Alhaji Zakariyya said Youth are in the forefront of his ambition to become the Governor.

He said that other Governorship candidates new inside them that it is Gawuna that is competent and capable of winning the election.

Zakariyya who said Gawuna has never supported anybody to intimidate people because of his ambition, appealed to the people of Kano not to be deceived by anyone during the election.

The concerned citizen who warned that any mistake in the forthcoming Guber election, it will hunt the voters for another four years.

“I want to call on the people of Kano state to shine their eyes and look at the achievements recorded by the present administration”, he said.

Zakariyya urged the entire people of Kano to vote for Gawuna who they described as competent candidate to build on the already established achievements.

“For instance, emirate councils have been established, he will ensure that job opportunities is made available to the youth as well as empower women based on their areas of business interest.

Zakariyya assured that if Nasiru emerged as the Governor Kano state, he will help a lot of people more than anyone can think of.

While commending the present administration for helping many citizens to get job, Gawuna advised that such opportunity should not be allowed to waste.

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