Misau Emir, a father who leads in conformity with the present day era – Iyan Misau

Mohammed Kaka Misau

Sale Adamu Ahmad is an elderstatesman in Misau. He also holds the traditional title of Iyan Misau. In this interview with Baushe Times Sale commended the Emir of Misau for maintaining good leadership style and His fatherly role to the development of Misau Emirate in Bauchi state.

Baushe Times: We would want you to introduce yourself and the traditional title you are holding.

Ahmad: First of all, my name is Sale Adamu Ahmad, I am the Iyan Misau the second.

Baushe Times: Tell us a brief about yourself

Ahmad: I am Sale the son of Adamu, Adamu the son of Ahmadu, Ahmadu the son of Abdullahi and Abdullahi the son of Emir Ahmadu the second who is popular known Ahmadu Maje – Hajji, he is known in Sudan as Lamidon Ahmadu. I went to Bago science primary school Gombe, I went to science secondary school Gombe. I did HND in estate management. My mother’s name is Hajiya Fatima, she held from Gombe, she is of Batere by tribe of Yabaltu-Deba, a grand daughter to Yariman Gwani, her name is Hajiya Fatima Yunusa.

Baushe Times: Can you tell us what impresses you most in traditional leadership?

Ahmad: What impresses me most is, you know monarchy is a tradition, it’s a culture, tradition is something to cherish and our own type is connected to Islam and if you want to know the history of Islam in Nigeria you must go to traditional Institutions such as ours.

Baushe Times: Although you don’t live in Misau but it has been established that whatever is happening here, be it of joy or sorrow you use to come home quickly, you normally come even before those that are resident here could arrive. What informs your decision to be doing that?

Ahmad: You know everybody has his own form of commitment, I am someone that always consider those that considered me, whoever invited me I will try and go once I have the opportunity, that is why you have seen me here at the graduation ceremony of the students of Misau Model Academy because I was invited by the Proprietor, he gave me the invitation card about twelve days ago, that’s why I tried as much as possible to honor the invitation, I left everything I have to come here because my own day is coming. It always impresses me to see people honoring my own invitation too. You know keeping good relationship is two way something, if you do, they do to you and if you don’t do, no body will do for you and so we are hoping that when we die, although we will not be aware of what people will do after but we are hoping that hundreds of people will gather for our funeral and pray for us.

Baushe Times: In your capacity as a traditional title holder in Misau emirate council, what do you have to say about the Emir?

Ahmad: Well, the Emir, we thank God for his life, we are really delighted that Allah brought him to lead us, he is an Emir, a father who goes with the present era. I can not forget, the day he gave me this title, he charged me to ensure that whatever belongs to Misau is brought to the people of Misau. That is why we always try to attract developmental strides to Misau. Just like you see us gathered here, I can tell you that I have provided empowerment to many youths in Misau, I have also provided jobs for about 30 to 40 indigenes of Misau and I am assuring them that by the grace of God, the people of Misau should expect more from me.
We have done so many things just like His Royal Highness charged us to do, we have drilled boreholes, repair some and many others that we have done and even forgotten. As God may have it, due to the wisdom he has bestowed on the Emir you can see that since his ascension to the throne, a lot of things have changed, Misau has recorded positive development. I myself is a grandson to Emir Ahmadu the second, the dynasty of Ahmadu the second, today because of the good relationship and his quest to reposition Misau, the Emir brought us on board and that is why anywhere I go, I am been honored because of the good gesture of the Emir on my family. In fact time will not permit us to mention all.

Baushe Times: What message do you have for the people of Misau?

Ahmad: I want to call on the people of Misau, both men and women to imbibe the habit of Misau people as shown by history, they should unite and support the Emir, His Royal Highness in line with the present day life so that the present day life will go with the people of Misau the way it’s supposed to be. Misau people are farmers, the people of Misau should dedicate themselves to farming activities, they should rear animals and above all, live peacefully with one another. The youths should abstain from political thuggery, they should not allow the politicians to use them while keeping their children at home enjoying themselves, they should not allow anyone to use them for selfish interest.
Lastly, Misau people should know that whoever do good, knows, and whoever does bad also knows, that’s my word.

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