Misau Insecurity: Who Is To Blame?

 It appears that everyone understands the security challenges that plague Misau metropolis; the common man’s well-being and welfare rely heavily on peace and tranquillity, and peace provides effective development while tranquillity boosts efficiency and optimism.
Surely, the metropolitan of Misau faces an enormous security intimidation that yet to overcome its indelible legacy. 
The situation is very deep, and the incidence increases at an alarming rate irrespective of age and gender. Burglary, phone snatching, and robbery are, of course, incurable cancers in the Misau metropolis. Law enforcement agencies play a vital role in overcoming most of the challenges, but despite their efforts, the situation has not yet achieved the desired result. 
However, we have been cursed by the evil acts of some of the native vagabonds, who are popularly known as the “KWARAWA”. No doubt, those people are the source of the monopoly of violence that becomes a security nuisance in our dear metropolis. 

Who are the KWARAWA?

Kwarawa is a group of people who band together for a common goal, which is to engage in various social vices. Bakware is a person who breaks the law in order to engage in thuggery and hooliganism in society.

In this article, I will present most of the challenges and the ways they are coming from. Although some of Misau’s inhabitants have been blaming various dimensions at a different gathering, despite their arguments, the ambivalence has not been adopted for resolution. Notwithstanding the fact that every dimension may contribute in one way or the other towards effective sabotage.

Who are to blame?
The government and the parents

    It is a fundamental duty of every government to ensure the safety of the lives and property of its citizens. Safety and peace are invariably indicators of fulfilled electoral promises as well as good governance. “The security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government.”

Flowing from the above, the security of the people is clearly a pivotal responsibility of the government to the people. Where the government fails in this regard, it has both failed the people and defeated the purpose of its existence.

In view of the above, the first step likely to blame is the government, simply because whatever it is doing in Misau to tackle insecurity is lacking behind. The following reason is that we have witnessed the deficiency of security personnel all over the city. 

Moreover, Misau is an urban community that contains thousands of people as well as a huge area of land that cannot be reached by the police to provide essential safety to everyone. As a result of the fact that many vigilante committees were created in order to reduce the rate of such turbulence. Furthermore, the establishment of vigilantes was still another battleground of communal clashes between the two opposing parties. 

However, the government is to blame, as I said earlier, and the easiest way to solve this is on the hand of the government, which is to provide sufficient security guards and promote peaceful coexistence, virtues of goodwill, understanding, modesty, safety, and security. 

Parents are to blame:

On the other hand, parents are to blame on the issue. If you look back at Misau from the years bracket of 2000 to 2010, you can experience the remarkable efforts of those parents on their children’s discipline. Compared to the present condition, the efforts are almost abandoned. 

The good question needs to be asked: what do they mean by surrendering to that action? Are they tired of disciplining their children?

Even me, I believe that “Charity begins at home.”

Furthermore, the major factors of children’s discipline are mostly in the hands of their parents. Indeed, parental negligence contributes a lot to obnoxious violance in society. 

Under the law, parental responsibility consists of many duties of a parent to a child (defined as someone under 18), namely:

  1. Safeguard and promote the child’s health, education, development, and welfare.
  2. Provide care, direction, guidance, and control in a manner appropriate to the child’s age and understanding.

3.To determine all aspects of upbringing,   provide a home, either directly or indirectly,   maintain relations or regular contact if not living with the child.

  1. Act as the child’s legal representative. Safeguard and deal with any property.

These duties are to be performed as far as is practicable, in the interests of the child, and taking account of the child’s own evolving capacity.

Holders of parental responsibility have a right to exercise it without interference from others (including the states), unless permitted by law.

If you look at the above submission with the face of understanding, you can simply judge the reality with the realistic truth, which is in its current condition, most parents are lagging behind on the necessary requirements for their children.
In addition, to this day, most parents are not watching the movements of their children, including their friends, tasks, moral behaviors, and from where and where they are moving. 

Parental frailty is obvious to everyone in society, and that is the agent of most of the public nuisances in the present era. 

Conclusively, curbing of insecurity in Misau metropolis is not circumscribed and exclusively on the hand of one sector; every sector has a special role to play in tackling insecurity in our dear city. Even the forum of negotiation and non-kinetic solutions will contribute more to reducing the rate of security disturbance. 

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