Our youths and the saga of political thuggery.

By Muhammad Umar Shehu and Dangana Henry Joseph

We live in an age where the integrity of our leaders are measured by the amount of ” stolen money” they give to the youth. They buy our conscience with meagre amount of money and turn us to slaves for years. But we failed to understand.

Yes, 2023 general election is fast approaching and many of our politicians will go rally the towns with their political thugs which I so called our youths. They used them as their thugs mercenary to win an election and after that they will abandoned them till another year’s to come. Nay, such should not suppose to happen in this nasty way.

We remembered vividly, that when we were kids our parents told us that history is not just an account of past events that are been taught for remembrance purpose, but are been taught so that that up coming generations would avoid mistakes of the past and also improve their present generation for the better.

With 2023 general elections around the corner, and most politicians have started consulting people they think would help them with useful inputs on how to actualized their ambition, which could be for their selfish interest or for the interest of the country and the poor masses.

As events that would finally lead to the 2023 general elections continues to unfold itself, the masses and especially the youth should remember that general elections would only come only once after four years. Therefore, they should trade with cautions.

It’s rather unfortunate that today’s youth have quickly forgotten history as they were earlier taught by some of our selfish politicians who would rather used us as political thugs to achieve their goals and dump us at the end.

More so, even if they give the youth money to serve as thugs during elections, are the huge of penny sum of money given to the youth been able to justify the end? The answer is No.

The youth should come to think about been use during elections by politicians to cause havoc during and after elections. What is the beauty in becoming a used and dumped tools?

Further more, how many children of some of this politicians that you are killing, stealing, intimidating people and snatching of ballot boxes for are at the fore front or also part of the evil act that you are doing?

Some of this politicians their children are schooling abroad and some working abroad, but youths of peasant parents are here in Nigeria just wasting your God given talent by been used as a political thugs.

Nigerian youths are being used as political thugs during an election by our politicians but the youths failed to understand that in such a situation “they” the politicians can’t allowed their children, relatives and families to engage in this felonious acts but because the lives of our youths is not something worth they are giving little amount of money to serve as political thugs.

This is the right time that our youths should focus and find themselves because everything you need to be great is within you so why not find yourself and stop yourself from being used by people with vested interest; because Nigerian politicians always buy our conscience and turn us to slaves for years.

Albert Einstein remained us that “ the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything “ This letter makes me believed that if our youths continues to watch these politicians without doing anything to change the narration of this country one may say that Nigerian youths need to come back to their senses.

Therefore, as future leaders of this Nation, instead of been given fish in disguise by our politicians, the youth should rather learn how to catch fish so that we can be better equip with sound education like the children of our politicians, by so doing we would be better equip to also seek for elections.

Remember that we are the future leaders of tomorrow, so we have to say NO to political thuggery and focus on our education and other entrepreneur skills.

Muhammad Umar Shehu and Dangana Henry Joseph
Writes via
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