PDP Reps aspirant Bappah Aliyu calls for free, fair party primaries

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

Honourable Bappah Aliyu Misau, a house of representatives aspirant for Misau/Dambam federal constituency of Bauchi has appealed to his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to ensure a level playing ground for all the aspirants during the forthcoming primaries.

Hon. Bappah who is aspiring to fly the ticket of the PDP come 2023 expressed optimisms that the current leadership of the party in the state will not shortchange any person aspiring for any elective office.

The house of representatives hopeful opined that all the aspirants be allowed to reach a common ground on the mode of conducting the primaries to enable the process be in a more transparent manner.

Hon. Bappah while advising other aspirants to accept defeat as a will of Allah reminded them that winning primary election is not the final victory.

He called for understanding and the need to work together with those that anybody that win the primaries to ensure that the PDP emerged victorious during the general elections.

“No aspirant will win the primaries and say he does not need other aspirants who loses in the primaries. You need all of them so that together you can work to win at the general elections”, Hon. Bappah pointed out.

While thanking his supporters and well-wishers for purchasing the declaration of interest and nomination forms for him, Bappah said he was grateful to God for making the people to reposed such confidence and trust in him.

“In fact, the very day I was offered the forms free of charge by my supporters and well-wishers, I appreciated them and told them it is not all about me, it is about the entire people of Misau and Dambam, there are many things that needs to be done for them of which I intend to do if given the mandate”, the house of representatives aspirant said.

Hon Bappah who lamented that farming and education has become something else with a lot of school dropouts right from the secondary school level, added that there are so many challenges that is facing his constituency such as unemployment that he intend to address if elected.

“Many young people have graduated from different tertiary institutions that are living without job, lack of potable water and many others. I assure my people that when elected, God willing, I will find a lasting solution to those challenges”, Hon Bappah promised.

The house of representatives aspirant who said some reps members from other states are doing very well, cited example with the speaker of the house of representatives, Mr Femi Gbajabiamila for executing projects in his constituency.

“Some house of representatives members are doing their best, for instance, I went to the constituency of the speaker of the national assembly, Rt. Hon Femi Gbajabiamila in Lagos, I discovered that he has constructed so many roads, installed street lights and has also made available, potable water for his people. So if this can be done by a representative member, I think if elected, I can do same or even better”, the house of representatives aspirant said.

On the party delegates, Hon Bappah, urged them to consider what each aspirant has done or is doing for his people before giving him the mandate carry the flag of the party to the general elections.

“Let the delegates examine the aspirants to see who has ever held what position or the other and vote according what the aspirant has done for the people in the past and what he has on ground to offer if elected”, he said.

Bappah said that the party delegates should vote base on the track records of achievements of the aspirants that can fly the ticket of the PDP to victory during the coming 2023 general elections.

“For instance, when you are talking about Education, I have a scholarship endowment of which I have been running before, and it’s still in existence, so it’s not something new. I have been helping others to get jobs, sank well, drill boreholes, I have been doing all these things, what I will do if elected is to expand the gesture”, Bappah said.

The aspirant said if he has been using his personal money to do all that he listed, it can better be imagined how much more he can do by influencing the federal government to do projects that can be of benefit to his constituency.

“People are aware of my past achievements when I served as member, Bauchi state house of assembly. After that, I contested for senate about two or three times but God didn’t made it possible. But I am hoping that this time around I will win the reps seat”, he said.

The house of representatives hopeful while felicitating with the Muslim faithfuls on the occasion of Ramadan fasting and Eid-il-Fitr celebration, thanked his supporters for paying him a Sallah homage at his resident.

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