Prayer the only solution to Nigeria’s ailments

By Ibrahim musbahu

We as Nigerians, have to wake up on this issues bothering the nation’s populace ranging from insecurities, poverty, redundancy, tribalism and religious crises we need to solemnly affirm that only God can save us and stop this blaming game.

It Is only through praying that these menaces can be solve by submitting our fullest faith to the will of the almighty God. One paramount thing is that, if each nigerian will be morally upright and hold tight to his faith, i believe we would have pass this level.

Let’s Unite without looking at any differences, let’s be patriotic citizens and pray All day and night to see the end of the killings and maiming of fellow Nigerians.

Dan Masamin Kano, Alh. Yusuf Maitama Sule of the blessed memory affirmed that ” as we overcome all the crises in the first republic, so shall we overcome the crisis in the present Nigeria “

Looking at this assertion of the past leaders, Nigeria will be better God’s willing.

our representatives should play their roles diligently, religious leaders and traditional institutions should serve us to the best of what they can to secure the lives and properties of Nigerians.

By Ibrahim musbahu
Student of Abubakar tatari Ali polytechnic bauchi Department of mass communication

Bauchi state Nigeria

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