Prof Pate advocates for investment in the media

By Suzan Edeh, Bauchi

Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Kashere Gombe state, Professor Umaru Ali Pate has urged media owners to invest in technology, research, content, safety and freedom of journalists, credibility and ensure adequate funding of their respective media organizations.

Professor Pate who spoke at a Media Dialogue organized by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on first 1,000 Days of a Child’s Life, held at Emerald Hotell Gombe state, said that the world is evolving with lastest trends of technology where people’s media consumption are changing with competitive demands.

Presenting a paper entitled “The Media, Behavior change and development -the Linkage” Professor Pate said that since the media is an important component in behavioral change, it must invest in research to change the negative perceptions of people towards development issues.

He said that investigative journalism must take the center-stage in media organizations in order to change people who are resistance to change and have unhealthy attitudes, adding that journalists must have concrete information to be ahead of their contemporaries.

“Commercialization of the media hampers behavioral change in people.We have thrown away social responsibility and do not conduct research on developmental issues because they are not economically paying” he said

The University Don further urged the media to take the interest of children into consideration and minimize harm and danger to them as top priority by carefully thinking about the results of their actions.

According to him, “If children are deprived of their childhood,. socially, economically, physically and mentally, the nation gets deprived of the potential human resources for social progress, economic empowerment,.peace,.social stability and good citizenry.There is need for behavioral change.”

“The media can help educate people the public on causes and solutions when covering issues of violence, child abuse and exploitation.The media is capable of mobilizing and supporting social movements benefiting from its circles so that all children are safe from violence.The media can mar or make national development, they can facilitate positive change as well as stimulate positive action for the rigths of children.”

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