Re: Governor Bala Boondoggles

By Mallam Bibi Dogo

I read with utter indignation an article written by one Mallam Saadu a lawyer and Secretary Publicity Committee of APC with the above headline that went viral in social media, where the writer made some disparaging and unsubstantiated false hatred and malicious claims against the people’s governor of Bauchi state, respected Senator Bala Muhammad Abdulkadir (Kauran Bauchi), a man whose major preoccupation at the moment is to right the wrong of the past and transform Bauchi state to a model city like its counterparts in the world.

Before delving into the ranting of the so-called writer, let me say that it was more than evident in the thrash he dished out that the whole thing was part of the ongoing sponsored smear campaign against Governor Bala by some disgruntled elements in the APC out of political gimmicks.

To start with, Governor Bala Muhammad Abdulkadir is known all over Bauchi State and beyond as a man of good character, humility, an accommodating mind and peaceful nature, against the portrayal of the writer and his paymasters. It is for his good leadership qualities that Governor Bala remains number one among all the governors  Bauchi State has had in carrying along people from different parts and strata of the state in his government. 

We, the Bauchi people, are proud of this because he has been discharging his functions as the charismatic leader  of the state diligently and committedly. If there is any complaint, that is for selfish considerations, if one can count of the number of projects he succeeded in doing it within his two years in office.
It is rather calamitous that at a time the good people of Bauchi state are rallying round their leader to enjoy the benefits of their sacrifices and in fulfillment of the promises Governor Bala made during his electioneering campaigns that some unscrupulous and unpatriotic elements  have taken the path of perdition. I am not trying to join issues with the writer  but I am triying to make the record straight because in an attempt to make real what does not exist, the writer  ended up perambulating aimlessly. Anybody that wishes to see the failure of governor Bala is, first a failure in his own right, and shall live to see Bauchi in a different form and shape  positively speaking of course under governor Bala.

To say that governor Bala has chosen the path of destruction is to throw insults on the faces of the good people of Bauchi state who, for all intents and purposes, have in the last two and half years had cause to rejoice and celebrate their leader for the way he has been diligently and efficiently executing people-oriented projects in the state.

His Excellency Bala Abdulkadir Muhammed (Kauran Bauchi) the Executive Governor of Bauchi state could be best described by figures than by words. There is no gain saying Bauchi state has never got it this right. And as it is said, figures and facts do not lie. This much has been the case of Bauchi state within the two years of Bala Muhammads stewardship to the people of the state. Within the period under review, the state has witnessed tremendous growth in different spheres. Of a fact, there is virtually no aspect of humanity that has not been given apt attention and due consideration. 

In facts and figures, it is crystal clear that the administration of H.E Bala Muhammed has recorded great achievements in the areas of infrastructure, healthcare, education, ICT, agriculture, tansportation, job creation, strengthening of the traditional institutions among other developmental projects across all sectors.

Infrastructure: Mr Turnaround who understands the importance of access road has decided to link the entire state through construction, reconstruction and dualization of roads across the state. The list roads constructed by the current governor in two years is endless. However, mention must be more of a few for records purposes. 
Disina Road in  Shira Local Government; Jajuwal-Dakayal-Bakin Kogi Road; Yalwan Duguri-Badaran Dutse Road; Biron-Bajama-Kumbala Road; Kundak-Wurmo-Burga Road, Jalam Road, Damban LG; Bunumu Road, Tafawa Balewa LG; Alkali Aminu-Bakaro-Kofar Dumi Road; Ganjuwa/Jaja-Jahun Road; Kasuwar Central to Gidan Sarkin Kasuwa, Wunti Road; Prison-Shagari to Railway Road. 
Bata to Anguwar Jabi Road; Nasaru-Gwam-Balma Road in Ningi; Sade-Akuyam road, Darazo LG; Warji-Gwaram Road; Bogoro-Lusa Road; GRA Azare-Old Kano Road, Katagum LG! Mallam Goje-Bakin Kura  Road; Bakin Kura-Muda Lawal Market Road; Tapshin Road; Gombe Abba-Kirfi Road. 
Itas Gadau Road; Ibrahim Ball-Tirwun Road; Hospital Road, Azare; Tafawa Balewa Road, Azare; Dualization of Maiduguri-State University Road; Dualization of Gombe-Kangare Road; Dualization of Airport Road; Dualization of Sam Njoma Road; Reconstruction of Muda Lawal Market Road; Reconstruction of Jamaare- Sule Katagum Road; Reconstruction of Misau-Udubo-Gamawa Road. 

Others are construction of Maraban Ganye-Gwalpada Road, Toro LG; Construction of Gubi Dam Access Road; Construction of road in Nassaru, Ningi LG; Construction of Warji-Gwaram Road, Construction of Bogoro-Lusa Road, Bogoro LG; Construction of Boi-Tapshin road, Tafawa Balewa LG. 

Health care: In order to ensure a healthy society, HE Bala Muhammed has not taken with levity, the health needs of the people. He has put up outstanding performance in that regard to ensure a closer and efficient healthcare system across the state. For instance, he has done the following: 
Distribution of six Ambulatory Buses to some healthcare centres  in the state, Construction of Dunkurmi Primary Healthcare, Misau LGA; Reconstruction of Ganjiwa Primary Healthcare Centre, Dambam LGA; Construction of Emergency and Infectious Diseases Centre; Renovation of Alkaleri General Hospital; Renovation of Wuro Nagge Primary Healthcare Centre, Giade LGA; Renovation of General Hospital, Toro LGA; Renovation of Primary Healthcare Centre, Magama Gumau; Renovation of Primary Healthcare centre, Nabardo; Renovation of Primary Healthcare Centre, Tashan Durumi. 

Education: While the importance of education cannot be overemphasized, mention must not also be forgotten of the quality of education that the administration of HE Bala Muhammed has brought on board. 
Construction of school in Nasarawan Dindima, Alkaleri LGA; Renovation of school of Nursing, Bauchi; Renovation of Girls Special School, Kafin Madaki, Ganjuwa LGA; Renovation of Gabarin Comprehensive Primary Healthcare Centre, Darazo LGA; Construction/upgrading of Maladu Ayuba Primary school, Dagauda, Dambam LGA; Construction of 20 mega blocks of six class rooms, and motorised borehole, in each of the 20 Local Governments; Reconstruction of collapsed Blocks of Classrooms in Dindima Primary School; Renovation of Babasidi Primary School; Renovation of Jahun 1 Primary School. 

Others are: Renovation of Nasarawa Primary School; Renovation of Dutse Tanshi Primary School; Renovation of Urban Primary Healthcare Centre, Azare; Construction of Model Primary School, Duguri, Alkaleri LGA; Construction of Primary School at Nasarawan Dindima; Renovation of Government Secondary School, Zaki LGA; Housing and Environment  Construction of 2,500 affordable houses for the citizens of the state at Dungal village of Bauchi Local Government Area of Bauchi State; Construction of 3 Arms Zone Housing Units at old Airport Bauchi.

ICT: The internet savvy Governor has not given a blind eye to the need to bring ICT to the door step of the people. This is because of the desire and tenacity of the Governor for an enlightened generation as well as ease of business activities which would enhance a better life for the citizenry. This explains the introduction of Biometric capturing to monitor teachers punctuality and performance in school.
Strengthening of the traditional institution: The traditional institution has equally received good gesture from the government. It is His Excellencys belief that a safe and serene environment would breed a robust and effective leadership to the populace. In this regard, the following have been done.
Construction of New Palace of Baraza, Dass LGA; Construction of New Palace Bundott, Dass LGA; Renovation of Palace of Zaki LGA; Renovation of Palace of Katagum, Katagum LGA; Renovation of the Palace of Nabardo; Renovation of District Head Palace, Nabardo.

Rural Electrification Projects: There is no doubting the fact that light is sine-qua-non to development. If there must be any meaningful development, the environment has to be lighted up as that would not only avail a means of production, but attract investors and entrepreneurs as well. So far, Mr. Turnaround has peeped in that direction and done the following:
Electrification Project in Katagum LGA; Electrification Project at Nasaru, Ningi LGA; Electrification Project at Takanda, Toro LGA and Electrification Project at Rimin  Zayam.

Religious Activities: As a devout Muslim, HE Bala  has also looked in the direction of worship centres and carried out series of works including construction of a new Hajj camp in Bauchi many mosques and churches. 

Law and Order: As a law abiding citizen who also values the tenets of the law, Mr Turnaround has visited that sector with viable and visible landmarks. In this wise, the following have been established:
Establishment of Road Traffic Management Agency; implementation of Violence Against Persons Prohibition Law; Distribution of 50 Patrol Vehicles to Security Agencies and Donation of Jac Hilux Vehicles to Vigilante Groups and Anti-Social Vices Committee (Yan Comiti).

Social Welfare: As someone who appreciates the value of labour and service to humanity, Pensioners welfare has been of top most priority to His Excellency. He has assiduously updated the payment of gratuity to deserving members of the state.

Job Creation: Unemployment is no doubt a scourge in the country. In no mean way, HE Bala Muhammed has been able to meaningfully engage the teaming youth in different ways to stem the problem. Through the establishment of aforementioned agencies, jobs have been provided.
Recently too, 1000 KEKE NAPEP 1000 Buses have been given to youth through the KEEP Program; Agriculture  through the lunching of the agricultural policy document, the government has brought more to agricultural advancement in the state; Research farmers linkage was encouraged encourage agricultural production using modern technologies and techniques; Demonstration farms for  crop  and poultry upgrading.
Breeding of goats to encourage Goat farming to raising and breeding of domestic goats this enables them gain access to capital  to empower them to stand on their feats; General agricultural  extension services aimed at improving methods and techniques of agricultural production farm management and increase of income and productivity.

Water and Sanitation: Water they say is life. This exactly is what Mr. Turnaround has proved to us in the state. He has embarked upon series of projects that would bring life to the populace without stress. Below are some of the efforts :
Construction of New Dam in Bauchi; Elevation of Water tank in Miri, Bauchi LGA; Construction of 7000m Elevated concrete reservoir at Buzaye Hill, Bauchi LGA; Construction of 500mm transmission from Gubi Dam junction to reservoirs at Warinji Hills; Renovation of Bauchi State Sewerage Corporation (BSWSC) Offices and replacement of 50KVA main distribution and installation of bulk meters in Bauchi, Rehabilitation of Gubi Dam Staff Quarters. 
Other Projects include: renovation/Expansion of the Bauchi State Government House; Construction of International Conference Centre to ease over reliance on Multipurpose Indoor  sports hall which is essentially meant to serve the purpose of sports.
That is not all, HE Bala Muhammed has also donated 251 Buses across the state.

On New Bauchi Government House Project the Project is real and in Northeastern State only Bauchi maintain its old Government House but Bala turns it to a model befitting and standardized it in line with global practice.
Extrapolating from the above, taken cognizance of the economic realities of the state and the nation at large also considering where the state is coming from.
It is crystal clear even to the blind that His Excellency within the short period of his tenure has done more than expected. Note must be taken too, of the fact that the recorded achievements are based on personal assessment of the writer. In essence, if one takes a cursory look into the books of government, there would be more than what is herein recorded. 

Therefore, it would be safe to conclude that HE Bala Muhammed is not just a workaholic but a turnaround Engineer for the state. It is not surprising that quite a large number of people irrespective of their  inclinations and differences therefore, shun all forms of division and rancour to queue behind the governor to cheer him do more for the sake of the state. All the above and others too numerous to mention are in the public domain, and the writer as well as his co-travelers and sponsors know this too well. Kaura is been doing all this much to the chagrin of the enemies within, whose number is so insignificant that no one should bother.
Talking about borrowing, it is public knowledge that governments all over the world exist under borrowing, so there is nothing wrong with it. However, what is wrong is when you borrow and mismanage the funds, which is what Governor Bala has been saying about the past administration, he inherited over 70bn debt and out of the debt he paid over 30bn.
The past administration that took loans running into billions of naira in the name of some projects only to abandon those projects and leave behind huge burden on the new administration both in terms of the money and completion of the projects deserves excoriation. So, it is natural that Governor Bala, or whoever it is as governor of Bauchi State, to complain about the excesses of the immediate past administration.
For the provision of critical infrastructure, people can go and see that today, most township road networks and some regional roads have been completed in less than two years while many more are at various levels of completion.
One should really pity the Governor Bala administration because it pays hugely monthly to service the inherited facilities. To think that the loans taken were not utilized for the reasons they were obtained is not only annoying but also heartbreaking. To date, the Kauran Bauchi administration has cleared billions of gratuity arrears for our senior citizens and other retirees.
Again, in his own case, whatever amount that he borrows is being used for what it is taken. This is a verifiable claim that anybody that cares to know can effectively do so.
The Bauchi people are ready to defend their leader, especially against the sustained campaign of calumny waged by those who do not wish the state well.
Let the world know that the Bauchi people are happy with Governor Bala , Bauchi people are not complaining. Those complaining are in the minutest of the minority. They are the business-as-usual people, who do not have the interest of the people at heart. For Governor Bala Muhammad Abdulkadir , we say thank you for you leadership, and we are ready to return you in 2023.

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