Reps aspirant for Misau/Dambam, Maikankana pledges support to farmers, youths

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

A House of representatives hopeful under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Bauchi, Alhaji Ahmed Aliyu Jalam Maikankana has promised to support farmers, youths and women boost agricultural activities in the area.

Popularly known as Maikankana or Sarki, Alhaji Ahmed Aliyu Jalam who was borned in Jalam said, poverty and unemployment can be tackled if the citizens diversify to other means such as the agriculture.

A one time agricultural extension officer, Councilor, local government Chairman and Commissioner in Bauchi state, Maikankana said he was moved to contest for the Reps position following numerous calls by his constituents.

The house of representatives hopeful also promised to if elected, promote dry season farming by supporting the farmers in many ways through legislation.

Alhaji Ahmed Aliyu Jalam said he left the civil service and joined politics where he was first elected as a councilor in 1999-2002 before he became the Chairman, Dambam local government area for 7 years.

“From there I was appointed DG in Bauchi for some months before I was appointed to serve as a Commissioner in Bauchi state”, the house of representatives aspirant recalled.

According to him, he was motivated by many reasons to contest for the seat, first among them is the demands from his people who said they are inspired by his past records of achievements.

“Secondly, after tendering their reasons for calling on me to contest, I came to realized that although those who have served in that capacity have tried but then from my own point of view, they have not done exactly what is expected of them to do”, Maikankana said.

“My understanding is that, progress and development is not only through the state government but if you elect someone who knows how to represent you effectively, that person will definitely bring development”, he added.

The house of representatives hopeful who said in Misau and Dambam, 80 out of 100 percent of the population are farmers, regretted that, most of the farmers are into traditional farming which is not forthcoming.

“You will discover that somebody who inherited Milet or Maize seedlings from his forefathers is still holding onto to it with no progress because those representing him have not initiated Programmes for them to embrace modern farming techniques and to also use improved seedlings”, he lamented.

He said what the farmers need is representatives that can facilitate new ways of farming and scientifically improved seeds for them to have sufficient production

Maikankana who said there is no gain for farmers to continue with the old practice of farming that has little to offer them, explained that farming should be done to record progress.

“So, if elected in 2023, I will facilitate improved and quality seeds to our farmers such that farming can become very attractive to our youths to enable them become self reliant”, he said.

“It’s not all about fertilizer, the basic input needed by farmers is good and improved seedlings and we will ensure that we provide them with what is expected. I will push for a legislation that will give a lot of support to farmers so that all the risks involved in farming can be taken care of”, Alhaji Maikankana further promised.

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