Rights group write Bauchi CP, demands withdrawal of F.I.R against Ayuba Silas

A Human Rights Organization known as Council for Affirmative Action has written to the Bauchi state Police Commissioner, Alhassan Usman, demanding for the withdrawal of First Information Report (F.I.R) in a case that is before Chief Magistrate Court 4, between C.O.P and one, Ayuba Silas.

The letter was signed and made available to newsmen by Mbami Iliya Sabka, an
Undercover Activist in Bauchi yesterday.

The petition dated 27th January, 2023 was titled; ‘Notice on Application For Withdrawal of the First Information Report (F.I.R) Between C.O.P VS Ayuba Silas Before CMC (4) and Complain Against the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) Ganjuwa Police Division, Inspector Mero Adamu and Others’,

It observed that there was Conspiracy, Torture, Intimidation, Defamation, Extortion, Wrongful Committal and Confinement of Ayuba Silas in the case.

The petition further said it was imperative to draw the attention of the CP to the issue.

It said that Rashida Usman, Female adult Student of Miya in Ganjuwa local government area of Bauchi state had stated in a Video Recorder that Ayuba Silas (Victim) is her Suitor.

According to the petition, the female adult student also consented and accepted the proposal of the person been incarcerated.

“That some interlopers who claim to be her relations without her consent, went to the Divisional Police Station, Ganjuwa Police Division and lodged a Complained that Ayuba Silas Raped her”, the Under Cover Activist said.

He said that the Police arrested Ayuba Silas (Victim) on the alleged offence while the lady, Rashida was invited to give her own statement, during which she informed the police that she is an adult and the Victim is her Suitor.

The petition said that Rashida also denied ever been raped or sexually molested by Silas and her Biological mother also confirmed to the police that her daughter is above 18 years old.

“That Silas Bakara father to the (Victim) informed us that the Divisional Police Officer (D.P.O) and his team demanded and Collected the sum of ₦200,000.00 for bail”, Sabka said in the petition.

According to the Rights Organization, despite the statement of Rashida Usman and the payment of the money for bail, the matter was still transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department (Gender Unit) Bauchi State Police Command.

“That Rashida Usman stated that she also informed the investigation Police Officer (I.P.O) in person of Inspector Mero Adamu (Gender Unit); that she is an adult and the Victim is her Suitor and he has never in any way attempted or and Raped her”, Council for Affirmative Action said.

The Organization further revealed that Inspector Mero Adamu slapped Rashida for stating clearly that she is an adult, insisting that, been her suitor, Silas has never attempted to rape her.

The Human Rights Organization uncovered that Rashida was told that she must accept and sign statement recorded by the police that Ayuba Silas (Victim) raped her as reported by the interlopers in her relationship.

“Sir, Council’s investigation revealed that Ayuba Silas (victim) was charged and arraigned before CMC 4 dated 3rd day of January, 2023 with suit No: CMCBH/009c/23 between C.O.P Vs Ayuba Silas”, Sabka said.

The organization assured that Rashida Usman is always and ever ready to repeat the statement she made on Video Record in accordance with the Administration of Criminal Justice Act.

The Council for Affirmative Action alleged that there were a clear case of Conspiracy, Torture, Intimidation, Defamation, Extortion, Wrongful Committal and Confinement by the Police and Others.

The human rights organization requested that the Commissioner of Police immediately withdraw the purported Charges as contained in the F.I.R before CMC 4 on or before 3rd day of February, 2023, for the freedom of the said Ayuba Silas.

“We demanded that the ₦200,000.00 should be immediately refunded on or before the above dateline”, the human rights organization said.

Sabka noted that failure to yield to the demand and request, his group will have no any other option than unforeseen litigations.

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