By Muhammad Sadiq Abdullahi 08033574449
(Chairman SITSO)

Nigerian politics for decades, has been the scenario where many delve into without having ample experiences, some with the sole aim of changing the narrative through bringing developmental projects, while others to fortify their accounts with public funds. The adage that says ‘what an old man sees, the young would never see it even if he climb the tallest mountain’ is gradually been ruined by the same old personalities. For so long, they were given the opportunity to lead but, have been performing below expectations whereby voters always prefer and hope for past administrations calling them better than the present. Hence, the need for young bloods to change the narrative.

It is a fact that even amongst men there are some with exceptional qualities, managerial skills and have garnered so much experiences in solving bedeviling challenges of the electorates. One of such individuals is Suraj Ibrahim Tanko who have worked and served our fatherland, donated and supported the citizens without second thought and ready to do more to the people of Bauchi North Senatorial District comes 2023. The last general election held, was a clear testament that All Progressive Congress (APC) is the party for the masses as it lit the opportunity for vibrant young men and women that have interest in leadership, it therefore put the signed bill of ‘Not Too Young to Rule’ into practice which increased participation of women and youths in politics.

Knowledgeable Suraj the Madauchin Katagum Emirate, Makaman Giade and Marafan Doguwa was born and attended schools in Bauchi State making him the true son who have seen it all and was encouraged by many to partake in the oncoming general elections. Wonderful tradition in North of never ignoring the pleads of the people was a key that pushed young Suraj to accept the contest, he is been welcomed in nooks and crannies where high number of supporters telling him their votes are for him. Challenges in Bauchi North Senatorial District are numerous, the standard of education has fallen where one would see primary and secondary schools students learning while sitting on bare floor, classes are without doors and windows, Hospitals are without equipment, villages without access roads and local governments without duly elected leaders due to poor representation by the old breeds.

Health sector is in disarray as many government clinics lack enough doctors, free drugs for pregnant women and children are been diverted by corrupt health workers because of improper supervision but patriotic Suraj if elected would poster good representation and provide free medicines for all. Furthermore, some villages are no longer accessible due to bad roads lining them while majority of such places farm in large quantities, they find it hard to transport their harvest to markets or outsiders to reach them in their domiciles to buy; if Suraj of APC win, all these would become parts of history. There are young people with creative minds but egocentric leaders have not been channeling them to places where such gift could be harnessed, Suraj as a young man if elected would ensure they are linked with authorities concerned.

In summary, to tackle the menace puberty both married and unmarried women would receive capital for business if Suraj is elected, idle youths that causes unrest in their communities would turn to beneficial members as those with educational qualifications would be employed, while others that do not have would be trained into different skills of their choices. Local securities like Vigilantes, Danga, Yanbanga and others that often times help police in their operations, Malam Suraj would ensure that bill is passed for their inclusion amongst the national security forces for them to have modern weapons and monthly remunerations like their counterparts. Vote Suraj Ibrahim Tanko as Senotor of APC in Bauchi North during 2023 election for competence leadership, good representation, and Youth participation in governance.

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