My fellow zaarites, we are made for this moment and we will seize it so long as we seize it together. We recall that what binds us together is not the colors of our skin or the tenets of our faith or the origin of our names. What makes us exceptional, what makes us zaar is our allegiance to an idea, articulated in a declaration made long ago in the concept SORGHA NANBONG YI TUTH LEBHA? (Can One piece of Broom Sweep a place?) This defines our unity of human existence.
On this foundation, our forefathers build trust and confidence on each other. They let go of what hold them back and pushed for the goal of freedom of which we are now enjoying.

What a generation we are that we have discarded the ideals, values and customs of togetherness? Its never a coincidence neither its a mistake that we are created as Zaar people. It is a divine and ordained making by God. But it is very unfortunate and pathetic the common motto of our struggle is sinking and the deplorable nature of the concept is alarming. We symphatize with Sang Community over the incidence that occurred on Saturday and Sunday respectively. What happened in Sang Community of Bogoro Local Government Area is disheartening, devastating, unacceptable and condemnable. This is primitive and barbaric perpetuated by the haters of PEACE. It is said that Youths are the backbone of every society but our actions and inactions is not healthy for our community. We are a generation that doesn’t respect and observe rule of engagement. Whatever happens in our community, there are channels and media through which we can convey our grievances. But the moment we take law into our hands, we become the worse generation and liable to attract curse to our land.

Not long ago we celebrated the dead of Jesus Christ and his resurrection which brought peace to the world. Why then should we indulge in this dastard act that gives our community and nation a bad image? I expect we are learned enough that we can manage our conflicts. Mercy is the noblest form of revenge as portrayed by Jesus Christ on the cross. There is no revenge so sweet as forgiveness as posit by Norman cousin.

My heart bleeds as we are polarize and divided based on political, regional, Land dispute, the spirit of mamon, dragon, witchcraft and so many vices. We are now at the middle of the road, we must position ourselves by restructuring our mind. Where did we got it wrong that we cannot sit as a community to handle our issues amicably? Must we resort to violence? We are Christ followers and I admonish us to take some restraints and resist the temptation of creed, greed, anger, envy, jealousy and violence.

To my fellow YOUTHS, I charge us to be good ambassadors of our dear land. Let’s give peace a chance. No nation will move forward in a violent arena. For our community to develop, we must live in peace with one another. We must meet hate with love so our motto will stand and we shall celebrate as giant nation ordained by God. Let’s meet physical force with soul force. We must follow nonviolence as a mechanism to conflict resolution and conflict management. We are the architect of our problem and if actually we want peace, we must shield our swords and engage on peace talk. Let join hands together and rebuild the broken walls of Zaar land. We must live as brothers and respect the dignity of human existence or perish as fools.

To our dear Parents, Traditional Institution, Title holders, Political gladiators, Religious leaders, Elites, all meaning Zaarites, lets all put our hands on deck to resolve this incessant crisis before it consume us. No matter our differences we should come together and forgive one another. The unity and peace of our land should be our topmost priority. The situation is increasing day by day that we must act. Let stop pretending that all is well, we have become the subject of mockery because of our refusals to unite for a common goal. Whatever might have been the case, we have no reason to sit back and watch things spoiled. We have no other place called home neither do we have Zaar elsewhere. We are the product of love and we respect your contributions and if there is anything we need most is now-your contributions towards peace of the land. Our image outside is bad that we have to change the narrative. Engage one another and let see peace is restored in our land.

As a community, let take responsibility and work on the grace God gave us. Social media accusations and confrontation should be avoided and let’s love lead.

In conclusion, I want to use this medium to call on all and sundry to desist from anything culpable of causing public disturbance of peace. We will never tolerate such act again. Let’s every community set peace commitee that will help in settlement of dispute. Peace begins with you and the hour is now.
Let love lead.

Comr Ga’allah Daniel National Youth Leader Zaar youths development association ZAYODA

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