The Need for the urgent renovation of Misau – Kari Road

By Muhammad Mahmoud Bode

If you are a motorist who travels regularly in north east, you must know about the deplorable condition of Misau – Kari Road. The road is rotten and filled with potholes, thereby making it extremely difficult for motorists plying the road. The Misau – Kari is said to have claimed innumerable lives because of the rot on the road, as one has to dodge potholes from one side to another.

It has been the most greatest fear for citizens when embarking on a journey through tat route (misau-kari road).Residents of misau therefore urge the government to take proper action that is to say by renovating the road from imminent collapse in other to avoid fatal accidents that has been happening these days.

Government should intervene as well as the stake holders,,,as the road serves as a gate way to many northern states.Examples of States like Bauchi being the fact in issue,Gombe,Damaturu,and some local governments like katagum(Azare),Giyade and Shira among others.

Many commercial and private activities are benefitting from following the road,so we urge the government and stake holders as well as all able community leaders to take the issue in a serious tone as a matter of urgency in order to Safe the lives of the residents of the are concerned,those following the road as well as the society in general.

Muhammad Mahmoud Bode. Writes From Mass Communication Department Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic.

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