Threat to Democracy and National Security in Nigeria

Written by Mbami Iliya Sabka

The current state of democracy in Nigeria is under threat as we approach the Election Tribunal hearings. There have been concerns raised about the issue of discrimination on same religion ticket and religious sentiment. These issues pose a threat not only to the democratic process but also to national security.

It is important to recognize that Nigeria is a diverse country with various religious and ethnic groups. Discrimination based on religion or ethnicity undermines the democratic process and threatens national unity. Such discrimination can lead to the exclusion of qualified candidates and the appointment of less qualified candidates based on religious affiliation.

We call on the Election Tribunal to address this issue and ensure that candidates are judged based on their qualifications, experience and commitment to the development of Nigeria. The Election Tribunal must ensure that the democratic process is fair, transparent and inclusive, and that all Nigerians are treated equally regardless of their religious affiliation.

Furthermore, we urge all Nigerians to reject religious and ethnic sentiments and support candidates who are committed to the development of Nigeria. It is our responsibility as citizens to ensure that our democracy is preserved and our national security is not compromised.

We call on all political parties to reject religious and ethnic sentiments and work towards a united and prosperous Nigeria. We also call on all Nigerians to remain vigilant and report any acts of discrimination or violence that may occur during the election process.

Together, we can build a Nigeria that is free from discrimination and one that upholds the principles of democracy and national unity.


Mbami Iliya Sabka
Undercover Human Rights Activist

Council for Affirmative Action (COFAA)

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