Two persons, 18 Camels killed in a ghastly accident along Azare-Potiskum road

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

An accident involving a hummer bus and a flock of Camels in Dagauda town along Azare-Potiskum road has killed two people and 18 Camels.

A lecturer with the College for Legal and Islamic studies Misau, Sulaiman Umar said that the incident occurred on Friday 11th March, 2022 at Dagauda town.

“On that fateful morning of Friday 11th March, 2022, we woke up to witness an accident involving a hummer bus and a flock of Camels while crossing the road abruptly around 10.00am”, he said.

According to him, the vehicle rammed into the flock of the Camels which resulted to the death of two people and 18 of the Camels.

He said that the weather which was dusty as a result of harmattan, contributed to the accident because visibility was very poor.

Sulaiman said, it was not the first time such incident is happening, adding that even last two years something similar happened at the same place between a Sharon and flock of Donkeys during which lives of some donkeys were lost.

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