We are resolute to quality service delivery – Misau health college Provost

Mohammed Kaka

The Management of Misau College of Health Technology has reiterated that it is resolute and poised towards quality service delivery towards ensuring that the students acquired the best desired knowledge.

Speaking to our Corresspondent, the Provost of the College, Ismail Musa Mohammad said the institution is running four courses that includes Community Health Extension Workers (CHEW), X-ray department, Medical Laboratory Technician department and Health Information Management.

According to him, from 100 to 300 levels, the college is having about 560 students out of which some are awaiting their matriculation.

“Therefore, up to now we admit students that have the requirements, next week we are going to close our registration. From 15th of this month we can’t allow students to register, they have to register before that day”, he said.

The Provost however, stressed that a particular department in the college has restricted the application for admission for now because it has large number of students.

“We are running our courses based on the regulatory bodies directives where we are only to index 100 students for that particular course, so currently we have about 100 students then we have a repeaters about 20 of them, so now we have about 100 plus, that is why we have to put a limit to the admission not to exceed the given index so that we can meet up with the standard”, the Provost said.

According to him, all the available courses in the college are accredited, such as Community Health, health information management and X-ray.

“We have full registration for five years, the community health they have given us 2 years accreditation which will elapse towards the end of next year”, the Provost explained.

On the affordability of the college, the Provost said, considering the economic situation in the country, part payment of school fees are allowed to ease the financial burden of the parents.

He said that the gesture is in line with the vision of the management of the college to assist the community get the knowledge affordable and within the reach of even less privilege members of the society.

“Things are not easy this days but we allow payment in installments because the institution was built with the interest of the community at heart, we give room for part payment but if one can afford to pay at ones, it’s okay for us, one can pay twice, even monthly payment is allowed depending on one’s financial strength”, he said.

He added that to further assist in record keeping, receipts are always given upon any payment which the student is expected to photocopy and put in his file for future reference.

“We give receipts and we keep our records intact in the computer also, and normally, we asked the students to photocopy all their receipts so that it can be kept in their files”, the college Provost informed.

The Provost who called on the parents to be patient with their children in terms of the financial obligations attached to education, pointed out that education is very important.

“There is a popular saying that “whoever feel that education is expensive he or she should try ignorance” more especially in the healthcare services because we are lacking in healthcare delivery personnel not only in Misau emirate but Bauchi state and the country at large”, he added.

The Provost pointed that, “if you go to some hospitals you only see three nurses or five CHEWS and others, so we urge the parents not to bother about the money they are spending but think about the importance attached to the courses”.

He also advised parents, most especially in Misau to take full advantage of the closeness of the institution, the proximity and register their children in order to reduce the burden of taking them far from their homes.

A student of the college who identified himself as Mohammed Musa of the medical laboratory department said he has learned a lot in the college as a result of the lecturers commitment to their official responsibilities.

Musa who is a 300 level student added that “I have learned a lot because, before, I didn’t know what is medical laboratory but as I started, I now know how to carry out so many tests, I know how to interpret the tests results and so many reference values on any given tests, among others”.

According to him, after graduation, he is willing and ready to contribute his own part to the development of the health sector.

“If after graduation we don’t get any job from the government or private health facilities we can try as much as we can to establish our own health facility and render our services to the society”, Musa vowed.

Musa who said, he is going to miss the college with its conducive learning environment and his colleagues and the lecturers, commended the lecturers for their hard-work and by ensuring that the students gets the best.

While advising the staff to redouble their efforts towards making the college to succeed, the student advised his colleagues to focus on their studies to enable them succeed.

Also speaking, a 300 level community health department student of the institution, Egeneda Lukas, said as a result of the dedication of the lecturers to their duties, she has gained a lot by learning so many things.

“I have learned a lot because of the dedication of the lecturers, their teaching skills, the conducive learning environment, among others. We have been taught what we supposed to be taught and they have given us enough, proper and adequate knowledge that we needed”.

“The academic environment is very accommodating and very intellectual, the lecturers are doing their best and they are giving us the best when it comes to education”, she stated.

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