Yusuf Chikaire – industrious leader worthy of emulation

By Muhammad Umar Shehu

The best attainments in life is when the general public mafficks one’s services or achievements towards his task and work to the populace around him notwithstanding the fact that the celebrants continues to carry on his task to the public.

Yusuf Chikaire is such a leader that has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the need of others. And he is of that kind that make time to help others, even if he is struggling with his own personal problems.

I used to say with cocksure certainty that Yusuf Chikaire is not in to politics to gain or generate income rather for the zeal and passion in uplifting the populace and indigent people around him.

The only way to rectify the errs of past leaders and impact too on many in a democratic settings is to engross into politics or select satisfactory candidates that would do so; one would be part and parcel of the rewards of their good works. After the return of Nigeria into democratic system of government, various political parties were orthodox and after that the main work of such parties after the establishment are often left in the hands of party officials; they are like engineers that repair every engine (politicians) and make it work effectively (forecast that helps humanity). Yusuf Chikaire is a person of integrity who has been in politics for long, he is young and educational, energetic and experienced above all he is industrious, indomitable and conscientious who never put laxity in task given to him.

Yusuf Chikaire is an industrious leader worthy of emulation because people with such a habit of Yusuf are hard to find in our today’s societies since our society is filled with people with vested interest.

Yusuf Chikaire is a kind of a leader that always put himself at a personal risk to open a path for others to follow. have you ever since such a leader like Yusuf Chikaire? “Nay” because his thinking is always depends on how to brings development to the society.

Leadership is not about changing the mind-set of a group, but in the cultivation of an environment that brings out the best and inspires the individuals in that group.

Leaders a responsible for creating an environment in which people feel they can be their best and this is what Yusuf Chikaire is being doing right from the beginning of his journey in politics.

I always say this with confidence that One of the best attainments in life is at the moment that the public mafficks one’s service or achievements to humanity while the celebrants is robust and hearty. Many people have come and gone but only the industrious ones are being remembered due to their good actions to the society and with cocksure I can say Yusuf Chikaire is among.

Yusuf Chikaire is among young and indomitable people within the range of Akko Local Government precisely Kumo town and he brings a lot of change and make life better for tons of poor people around him.

May Allah Grant Him The Wherewithal To Perform More Than Expected. Amen

Muhammad Umar Shehu
Umarshehu887@gmail.com 08035794769

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