Zeeshan Noor Institute Equipped Health and Science Technology Students with Research and Project Writing Skills

Zeeshan Noor Institute of Research and Training Advancement, a recently established research institute, have organized a comprehensive seminar series on research and project writing as part of a proactive initiative to improve students’ knowledge and skills in the fields of science and health technology. The goal of the educational project was to provide the upcoming generation of healthcare personnel with the essential knowledge and abilities required to make a positive impact in the rapidly changing healthcare industry.

Aspiring and promising healthcare students from all departments trooped together to the training program, which is hosted at the college’s state-of-the-art facilities (HRH Alh. Ahmed Suleiman mni Main Hall). Students participated in a three-week program that included presentations and practical exercises designed to improve their research and project writing prowess.

The founder highlighted the exercise’s goals and said the following were the main objectives of the seminar series:

⑴ To impart the fundamental principles of research methodology and project report writing.

⑵ To guide students in conducting literature reviews, forming research questions, and developing methodologies.

⑶ To enhance students’ understanding of data collection, analysis and interpretation.

⑷ To provide insights into structuring and formatting research papers and project reports.

⑸ To encourage critical thinking and effective communication skills.

On Wednesday, October 25, 2023, the first seminar was delivered by the institute’s founder, Malam Ismail Ahmad, and they covered fundamental information required for conducting research and completing writing research and project.

The second seminar series was held on November 1st, 2023. Malam Babangida A. Sabo led the session which was centered on gathering and analyzing data. He gave the students a hands-on demonstration of how to gather data and use statistical tools for analysis. Using SPSS, t-tests, f-tests, chi squares, and ANOVA exercises were performed.

Another seasoned educator and versatile scholar with over thirty years of experience, Malam Abdullahi Sambo Musa, a Senior Lecturer at A.D. Rufa’i College of Education, Legal and General Studies, Misau led the third seminar on Thursday 9th November 2023. “Navigating the Collaborative Journey: Supervisor and Supervisee Roles in Writing Project” is the title of the paper he presented during the seminar. The lecture focused on developing a friendly rapport between the supervisee and the supervisor and closely collaborating to jointly accomplish the project’s goals.

The events were lively because the facilitators engaged the students in conversation about current healthcare system trends, possible research topics, and mistakes to avoid making in order to finish outstanding projects on time for their programs.

It’s true that the seminar series was a huge success. It equipped the students with vital knowledge and abilities, readying them for the demanding demands of both the workplace and academia. The Zeeshan Noor Institute is dedicated to carrying out such programs in order to promote research contributions and academic excellence across a range of subject areas in Misau community as philanthropic giving.

During the closing ceremony, the college’s provost, Malam Ismail Musa Giaɗe, conveyed the college management’s gratitude to Zeeshan Noor Institute and all of the facilitators for dedicating their time and resources to providing excellent preparation for the students. “The seminar program advances, and our students are excited about the knowledge and skills they are gaining,” he continued. The organization’s admirable dedication to developing talent and encouraging innovation in the healthcare sector is expected to have a long-lasting effect on the sector.

The founder of Zeeshan Noor, Malam Ismail Ahmad, concluded the event by thanking the college’s proprietor, Alh. Ahmed Yahaya (Ɗan Amar of Misau), for his cooperation and support, as well as all of the paper presenters and instructors, staff members, members of the press, students, and supporting staff members who helped make the seminar series a success. He pleaded with beneficiaries of the seminar series to pray for the person whose name was given to the institute Dr. Zeeshan Noor as someone inspired him to established the institute.

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