10th Senate Minority Leadership: The Senator Ningi’s Factor By Adamu Yalwa Gabi

The recent political quagmire that erupted on the Senate minority leadership within the Peoples Democratic Party ignited the need for me to as a matter of urgency initiate this compelling copy for a call to action to protect the interest of a political class of thoughts, bridge builder and a warrior in Nigeria’s political landscape, Sen. Abdul Ahmed Ningi whose loyalty and unmeasurable contributions to the party as mediator in settling fracas during the Makarfi led stewardship must be used as a panacea or yardstick in given him a good outlook for the position of 10th Senate Minority Leader.

In as much, as I am not trying to criticize, the alleged decision of the PDP Presidential candidate in the last general elections, Alh. Atiku Abubakar for anointing the immediate past Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal for the position of the 10th Senate Minority Leader for what I can describe as a forfeiture made by the latter in withdrawing his candidature during the Presidential primaries to favor the Waziri Adamawa and of course the North-East geo-political region for a balanced political equation.

Going back to the drawing board, agreed the two strong contenders are on the frontline and in the same caucus under the Atiku’s political dynasty, but Sen. Abdul Ahmed Ningi seems to be more relevant and reliable figure with his all-years membership in the party since its formation in 1998 when Dr. Alex Ekwueme administered the affairs of the new party as the first protem chairman for three months. Ningi had equally after the inauguration of the fourth NASS in 1999 made his name in all the nook and crannies across the six geo-political zones for his excellent legislative proceedings and technical know how in sustaining internal democracy and building party cohesion when Tambuwal was an ordinary Senior Legislative Aide who was yet to find his ways into the green chamber as elected member.

An advocate of PDP only who restricted himself to the full activities of the party for better for worse and for twenty-five (25) consecutive years without spending a night even in a hired opposition apartment; sticking to his ideology of God gives power to whom He wants and at the time He wishes.

Not contended and satisfied with the party that gave him the golden opportunity and all favors by making him to be the number four citizen in a Government where you hardly see a single person missing one out of the three square meals, the former Governor had a monumental record of summersaulting to the APC to secure his Governorship ticket in 2015;the seat he occupied up to the 2023 general elections, while Ningi should be compensated even for his endurance to stay out of the corridors of power for a complete period of 8 years and unalloyed loyalty to the party.

With much respect and honor, I cherish the PDP major political key player in the country who also double as the son and soil of the marginalized region, I raised my case on a person whose unwavering support and loyalty to your political movement whether dead or alive can never be compromised just as you uphold a similar principle to the late Gen. Shehu ‘Yaradua political belief, Sen.Ningi who had continued to remain steadfast in the party especially in trying moment when the PDP lost the 2015 Presidential elections should not go in vain for the zone not to be left with only the seat of a spare tyre and from the opposition ruling APC unlike the North West which enjoyed an uninterrupted two tenures in the Presidency and now has the Deputy President of the Senate plus Speaker of the NASS.

To avoid putting the Party into another confusion against the future struggle to recapture power in 2027,PDP as one family ought to have learnt from its past mistakes and throw the seat of Senate Minority Leader to a man whose seniority with four years’ experience in the green chamber and additional one term professionalism in the red chamber supersedes that of the former Presidential Aspirant to the disadvantage of the ruling APC which may squarely face the consequences in waging a civilian war by the Ningi factor in case of any wrong doing.

Gabi, a journalist writes from Bauchi and could be reached on:adamumgabi@gmail.com or +2348033990884

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