2023: Imams, Mallams Pray For Gov Yahaya Bello To Succeed Buhari

A coalition of chief Imams and Qur’anic Mallams drawn from twenty Local Government Areas of Bauchi state converged at the state capital where they offered special prayers for Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari come 2023 polls.

Participants of the special prayers that comprised 500 in number fervently prayed for Allah to accept their demand to lift Governor Yahaya Bello from his present position to the nation’s plum seat at the Aso Rock Villa.

Speaking to newsmen on weekend during the occasion, one of the participants, Ustas Mubarak Mato Baba Karami, said that the country is in dire need of a youthful leader who can take it to unprecedented heights.

He explained that they have every confidence that Governor Yahaya Bello would get Nigeria out of the woods, and salvage the country from the multifarious problems such as insecurity, armed banditry, unemployment and other social vices bedelling it.

Ustas Karami who led the Imams and Islamic preachers to the special prayers from Bauchi, added “We were moved by the youthfulness of Yahaya Bello aspiring for the nation’s much coveted seat in the efforts to fix the country.

“Well-meaning and patriotic citizens have for decades been yearning for positive change, we were however lucky now to have a youth who can positively steer the ship of the Nigerian state to the advantage of each and every citizen”.

“Our ardent hope, prayers and confidence is Bello’s commitment and zeal to take the bull by horn to aspire for the plum seat which is a commendable courage worthy of emulation by every youth worth his or her salt”.

Another participant, Imam Sulaiman Abdullahi Azare noted with delight that the prayers will not go in futility as, according to him, will apart from meeting their demand, also pave way for peaceful co-existence among the diverse people of Nigeria.

Azare submitted, “The taste of food, it is said, is in the eating. So let’s all the youths of this country roots in for Yahaya Bello’s s stewardship and leadership style. We are very optimistic that he meet the needs and yearnings of Nigerians generally”.
Imam Sulaiman Azare further explained that they were hopeful their prayers would provide the much desired leadership for the country, even if it was not bestowed on Yahaya Bello. 

Source: Leadership Newspaper 

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