2023 Presidency: APC Chieftain backs Muslim/Muslim ticket

By Amina Ahmed Dankawuwa Misau Bauchi

An All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain and a staunch supporter of national leader of the party, Senator Asiwaju Ahmad Bola Tinubu in Bauchi state, Alhaji Juji Abba kolo Misau has declared support for Muslim/Muslim presidential ticket ahead of the 2023 general election in Nigeria.

Alhaji Juji who made this known in an interview with our Corresspondent yesterday, said there was nothing wrong in fielding Muslim as presidential candidate with another Muslim as his running mate.

According to him, Muslim/Muslim ticket in Nigeria has worked before and 2023 will not be an exception.

“Let us go for Muslim/Muslim ticket, let us keep religious or ethnic differences aside, such differences will not take us anywhere, Nigeria has grown pass that sentiment. Fresh in our mind is when Abiola picked Kingibe as his running mate, they won despite both been Muslims”, he recalled.

The party Chieftain advised Nigerians to avoid sentiment and vote for candidate that is credible for the overall development of the country.

Alhaji Juji who is a die hard supporter and advocate for Tinubu’s presidential ambition in Misau local government area of Bauchi state said Senator Tinubu deserve a pay back by the Northerners for standing behind President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 and 2019.

“Our reason for standing for Tinubu is because of the immense contribution he rendered in the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as president of Nigeria. He single-handedly reasoned very well and his unflinching support and contributions for the APC brought us to where we are today”, he said.

Alhaji Juji who further explained that, “less people have forgotten, when Buhari contested for president in 2011 and loss, he vowed never to play politics again but it was Tinubu who persuaded him”.

He said that, “the former Lagos state Governor felt it was dangerous to leave the country in the hands of the hyanas because the country will not progress as the PDP didn’t Programme her manifesto in such a way that every citizen will benefit”.

“Tinubu was able to realize that the PDP way of doing things was based on who you know, they and their relatives were the only ones benefitting while leaving other citizens at the mercy of God. That was why he insisted that Buhari should be brought forward and made the president”, Juji pointed out.

He said considering the contribution of Tinubu in the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as president and his nationalist spirit for not discriminating against any part of the country, the North should reciprocate that gesture and vote for him as the next president.

On whether Tinubu has brought any development to the North that warrant their support for him, Juji said that the singular act of bringing Buhari on board is the greatest project he offered to the people of North.

“You know it and I know it that it is during Buhari’s administration that the masses are been carried along. How? Today, the children of the poor are been considered when it comes to recruitment of Civil servants unlike before when the slots are shared among those in the corridors of power”, Alhaji Juji said.

According to him, “now things have changed, the job slots are online, you just have to go and fill it and without knowing anybody, you get the job, we didn’t experience this during the PDP government”.

He said president Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has diversified the country’s economy through agriculture and has created the enabling environment for Nigerians to farm and get empowered economically.

Alhaji Juji who urged Northerners to reciprocate the good gesture of Tinubu to them, opined that someone from the North should be nominated as his running mate in 2023.

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