22 yr old woman who gives birth to limbless baby needs assistance – Danhajiya.

By Kaka Mohammed Misau.

A staff with the Bauchi Radio Corporation (BRC) FM Misau, Bello Danhajiya has called on the government, individuals and civil society organizations to come to the aid of a 22 year old, Hauwa Ibrahim who recently gave birth to a baby without hands and legs.

He said that the woman who lives in Unguwan Ba’i village, Akuyam town in Misau local government area of Bauchi state is in dire need of assistance because of her poor economic background, coupled with the condition of her new born baby.

Danhajiya who said he has been to the house of the woman and saw the limbless baby, noted that the parents of the baby need financial assistance to be able to take care of her.

“The mother of the baby told me that she suffered so much during labor despite the fact that she fully attended antenatal care”, he said.

According to Danhajiya, the medical personnel in charge of the health care center in Akuyam, Hassan Dauda has confirmed that the baby is alive and healthy apart from the defect she has.

Danhajiya said that the parents of the baby are less privileged persons who are in need of financial assistance to be able to take care of the baby who has no hands and legs.

As at the time of giving Baushe Times this information, Dauda said the baby is the sixth child of the woman, adding that no intervention has come the way of the parents of the baby.

He called on government and well-to-do in the society to assist the parents financially for them to have ease in taking care of the child.

On his part, Mohammed Bappa, social welfare officer, Misau local government area, while confirming the report said that the baby is still alive.

“As of now, government has not come in to intervene but I am sure that government will intervene in due course”, he said.

The welfare officer added that, “We are expecting that state government will come in, BASOVCA will intervene, local government will also come in because the parents really need assistance”.

“You know, to give birth to a child with no limbs and take responsibility of him or her been a less privileged person is not an easy thing. So we are very sure that government will help the situation”, Bappa hoped.

He said since the parents have brought the problem to the government, something meaningful is going to be done to ameliorate their sufferings.

He also called on individuals and NGOs not to wait for government for assistance but contribute their quota to serve as first aid before government’s intervention.

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