Mallam Adamu Adamu is indeed a Brobdingnagian to Bauchi APC.

M.I Abubakar

Following the dissolvement of APC organs at all levels which many saw as political hanky-panky and resultede in sticking some unanswered questions in the mind of her offsprings while political analysts and technocrats slip out of their caves with opinions and alternatives, in this tête-a-tête with Baushe Daily Times, Mohammed Bakoji Maiwada Misau described Minister of Education Mallam Adamu Adamu as the factor that made APC in Bauchi State maintain its position. Excerpts,
in the political arena in Bauchi State you are not new can we know you more?

Well I am Mohammed Bakoji Maiwada Misau of All Progressive Congress APC, One time Assistant to Governor Isa Yuguda on Youths of Bauchi Central. Icon in initiating the party at Bauchi state and national level, chairman APC support group Bauchi state chapter who are doing the needful in smoothing the party’s activities without personal affiliation and interests, that is me.
Can you tell us of your Political history?

M. B Maiwada Misau

My political history in Bauchi state is not hidden, I can say i am great politician because in 2007 I am one of those who ensured Yuguda’s administration came on board, I played an integral role in bringing positive changes in politics particularly in my hometown Misau, if I could recalled well my political activities and positive things I brought is the reason why my people tag me with my renown slogan “Maiwada Alheri ne” literally means I (Maiwada) is a good person who rowl with good people and came with good things.

At this juncture what is your opinion on dissolvement of APC organs at all levels?
Alhamdulillah, any APC loyalist will be happy seeing that the party was on last breath when the dissolvement took place. So this will bring about positive changes and solutions to the party and at other angle crowning Mai-mala Buni been him a former secretary who knows the party thoroughly is a very wise decision and he will surely with God’s intervention bring back the party’s lost glory.

This is a serious issue in political arena and it is a merry moment for us, for instance here in Bauchi almost all political grudges were resolved which gave the party a giant gut to face single direction in unison with Alhaji Uba Ahmad Nana as the chairman and we all wish him well during thi six months of this spearheading and God’s will he will work in synergy with all organs to ensure that the APC as a party remain glued, as we pray for another better leader after him who will the lead the party and steer it like his own family. Going by your words you people do agree with the dissolvement?

Not only me but any good member of the party is happy with the dissolvement including the party leadership that got dissolved and appointed as caretakers because even them are fed up with the daily foul plays within the party, but following the dissolvement celebration is going at both state, local and wards levels why because people are very optimistic that APC is now enroute the land of glory.

So let me add this, I am not only happy but in total support of the dissolvement because I knew the action was taken with good faith and I appeal to all good members of the noble APC to accept this as an effort to bring back the party to good shape.

Your party lost government in 2019 in Bauchi State which resulted some internal misunderstanding within the party on who is the legit number one in the party, what’s your take on that?

First of all let me clear the air I don’t think there is something like misunderstanding or fanction in the party because as I am talking now APC is solid and intact with Honorable Minister of Education Mallam Adamu Adamu is our father because since his assumption as the party leader he don’t sit back and fold his hands he is tirelessly applying all possible mechanism to ensure the party scale through all hurdles and reclaim her 2015 standard, his worries everyday is how Bauchi will get better leadership, how APC members will benefit from political juices, how the lives of Bauchi state people will be greater so what I want you to understand is that leadership is a very if not the most challenging task because no leader will get support and Goodwill from everybody he must face critics from within and outside but God destined Adamu Adamu will be the leader without him lobbying for it. One thing I like about him is he is cleanse heart and don’t hold malice with any body his hope is just bring good things to his people and carry APC to greater height, if you look at APC at the Bauchi State level you will see how number of aspirants are trooping and I can bet you this is all because of the existence old people like Malla Adamu Adamu in the party.
If we look back to 2019 general elections political analyst showcase undemocratic ideologies in your party as a factor that lead to her failure then, are there plans on ground to prevent such failure from repeating?

Yeah! as said earlier each era come with different techniques todays APC is far different from the APC of then, because our leader today doesn’t look at the party as his personal belonging, he believed and sees the party as people’s party and work on people’s interests, so, come 2023 all election procedures and formalities at all levels Mallam Adamu Adamu will give room for aspirations referendum which will give opportunity to masses to fish out their suitors without his intervention or appointing his allies and footsoldiers.

His giant effort in bridging all gaps between the party chieftains from former governors , former and serving legislatures in National and State level and place them under one umbrella of Rt. Honorable Yakubu Dogara just to give room for everyone to bring fore his/her philosophy in building the party and Bauchi state can never be over emphasize.

I therefore, called on patriotic members of APC to keep supporting the leadership of Mallam Adamu Adamu and the committee at all level as the only way that will provide good atmosphere for the party to assume full charge come 2023. To round up what is your call to APC members?.

Nothing can be achieved without cooperation, so we need to be cooperated and self consolidated, by so doing, insha Allah APC will emerge victorious in 2023.

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