M.I Abubakar writes from Bauchi


Though some dictionaries defined disability as State of being in deprivation or absence of competent physical, intellectual, or moral power, means, fitness, and the like, to me it may still carry different definition which will bring to fore the real meaning of DISABILITY. It is widely believed that Disable person is one who lack any of the sense organs -eye, ear or any part of the body which may cause hitch (es) in perfoming one task or the other, but we all need to know and believe that Human spirit is the ability, perseverance and courage that nothing can steal away, this i can confidently debate with Richard Mulcaster - the creator of first non-alphabetical Dictionary in 1582 THE ELEMETARIE.

  • Just because a man loss his sight does not mean he loss vision. We need to schooled ourselves that it really doesn’t matter who you are – everyone has the ability to do something amazing, change the world, or reach a goal that they have set for themselves you need not to be the best sighted human or top list marathoner to prove your ability beacuse disabilty is not measured by physical capabilities, and if it is then many physically able people who make excuses when it comes to chasing their dreams or getting a job done even when circumstances or situations are in their favour are then in one way or the other disabled. The funniest part is, in a 21 century technology driven earth when many still nurse the belief that people living with any form of disability only deserve a limited corner of the world or the crumbs that fall from any table either rich or poor, from their world these people we see and regard as disables have found strength in their weaknesses, challenged the odds, turned circumstances in their favour and redefined success in different aspects of life and professions. Let me carry you round for an oversight in the lives of some people with disabilty whom their physical disability never halt them in their journey to the land of success. HELEN KELLER An American author, political activist and lecturer who despite been deaf and blind she wrote a total of 12 published books, was also a member of the Socialist Party in America, and campaigned heavily for women’s rights and other labor rights.
  • So now who is disable between Helen and those physically fit women who embrace begging as their means of livelihood? STEPHEN HAWKING Who only speak with the assistance of a computer is one of the most well-known physicists in the world, and he was able to achieve that in spite of being diagnosed with ALS when he was 21.
  • Between Stephen and those who sit by the road sides Dawn to dusk gossiping who suffers the disability? Even a blind Nigerian RAZAK ADEKOYA a columnist, struggle tooth and nail to attain success who after graduating from University of Lagos established his firm in 2015 “360 Connect Communications” and now work as the public awareness and communications manager, USAID while many well framed Nigerin youths cruising the streets with no future ambitions. Even here in Bauchi i met with countless disable persons with extraordinary skills and i believe you might know some of their kind in your world. With the exception of few all people with special needs are focused and determined just because they strenghten their selves and embrace the fact that their success and happiness lies within them. Despite all negativities life came with they resolve and keep pushing foward, they tactifully form an invincible host against all difficulties simply because they believed that when you just do one thing well you must be needed by some one probably an abled.
  • This indeed is ABILITY IN DISABILITY! ” I do not have a disability i have a gift! others may see it as a disability but i see it as a challenge – this challenge is a gift because i have to become stronger to go around it, and smarter to figure out how to use it; others should be so lucky.
  • Shane E. Bryan If a person like shane with physical disability have a gut to belief in his self to the extend that he didn’t see his self as a person with disability, this alone prove that ability is not all about physical well being of an individual rather rooted in self belief and developing the zeal of “i can do it” and transcribe that there is ABILITY IN DISABILITY. God is indeed wise enough to know what lies within one’s self and to greatest surprise those we see as disables are no disabled but superbled and iam here by personally councelling them to ensure that no room for ” DIS ” in their ability, nevertheless Disability is natural and we all carry it with us in our own different ways.
    It may surprise you if i say the case do come in reverse order to find DISABILITY IN ABILITY.
    Since we all believe that ABILITY is the quality or state of being able; capacity to do or of doing something; having all the necessary power let’s now pointed out DISABILITIES from that.
    Let’s look at this single but good instance : – What will you call our lazy youths who are physically fit but have technically become disables to an extent that they swimed in to the fundings means for physically challenged persons with and made it so thin that people who have genuine needs, like a wheelchair, deafs, dumbs e.t.c are unable to be approved because there is such a large demand from those who are not an inch near disability.

This is DISABILITY IN ABILITY! With much love my missive to people with disability is let them believe that all humans are indifferent creatures of God therefore they should not let their disability win over them, concentrate on what your disability doea not prevent you doing well and don't regret things it interferes with don't be disable in spirit as well as physically - be strong have faith in your lane you will surely attain the paek of success. And to the populace no one should feel big and don't look down at those with disabilities because there are so many physically impaired people in the society who are contributing positively to the society, they are hardly recognised, but they wake up and move forward not wanting to be discouraged by their circumstances. When you focus on someone's disability you will overlook their abilities but once you learnt to interact with them and love them for who they are you will then understand that there are many like of Stephen Hawking, Helen Keller and Razak Adekoya around you.

The real disable is that physically fit human with no plan for future and has no use to the community because abled does not mean enables and disabled does stand for less abled and whether someone is useful only matters if you value people by their uses.

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