M.I Abubakar.

In a 21st technology century where almost all human are carried away by glitters of this world and thirst for wealth became the autograph of many hearts and people who cares for others became very rare i met a man with a cleanse heart whom i never thought of meeting his kind in the near future in person of Ahmed Yahaya who out of sweats of his years hard labour look back to his Misau community to establish Misau Model Academy as part of his social cooperate responsibility in helping younger generations.
At the level of my world it is quite rare scene me having get in touch with person like Ahmed Yahaya whom entire life is a school to younger generations, this is even why i prefer to call this interview a conversation because of the friendly atmosphere i have while taking it.
Ahmed was born to the family of Mallam Yahaya n Misau on 1st day of July 1976, enrolled and studied in Misau Central Primary School from 1982-1988 and proceed to Government Science Secondary. School Misau and graduated with excellent result in 1994.
For his thirst of knowledge Ahmed did not give a stall to his education pursue proceed to Bayero University Kano where he obtained his first and second degree as well as some other professional courses which include High Professional Diploma in Computer Studies, Post graduate Diploma in management and master’s degree in business administration with specialization in finance and investment.
On whether he match his current position of branch manager with Fidelity Bank without sweat for it he replied “I started my Banking career from First Bank of Nigeria plc in the year 2003 and i worked with the Bank for 7 good solid years then to where i am working today that is Fidelity Bank where i am in my eleventh year, but before i climb to my current position i tirelessly worked my self and see where i am today.”
” In my entire Bank working i started as a tailer to customer service, and now a branch Manager.(Fidelity Bank Bauchi) and patience and dedication i can say are my closest partner to the success land.
I asked Ahmed about a school about a school he established in Misau “MISAU MODEL ACADEMY” he look at me surprisingly in gow i knew of the school but did not hesitate to replied
“The school was established in 2012 with Pre-primary, primary and secondary school and attached to it there is a foundation bearing Misau Model Academy Foundation and we are at the badge of starting Misau Model Academy skills acquisition center and Misau Model Academy JAMB center in the pipeline.”
He continued ” we achieved alots within the time frame which include the graduation of first set of our 69 students in 2018 with flying color results in which most of them are now in higher institutions and even in this 2020 160 were graduated though the School was started with just 60 students and now at hand there are over one thousand students and the school is well equipped with mordern learning facilities.
What engineered you to establish the school, i threw him this question.
“The reason behind the establishment of the school is the passion to see how i can support younger and upcoming generations since government c in term of quality education and i decided to reside it in a Local Government to make it clear to people that passion for my community is just the reason because we did not do it else no one will care to do it for us. “He answered.
Ahmed Yahaya started as a tailer in a bank and succeeded to rise to the position of a branch manager he shared to me secret behind the success as well as the challenges ” One need to be tolerance and work hard to attain where he desire to attain, respect to all irrespective of age, background,tribe or religion affiliation, and on the side of challenges he said no human face no challege, for instance i want MISAU MODEL ACADEMY to be a university in future and we financially handicap and we’re managing more than one hundred employees, but we generating ideas to ensure we accomplish the set mission.
You are a manager in a Bank, Family man and you own a school how do you manage 3 different lives you are living?
To be candid with you it is never easy,i so much get stressed to handle such tasks especially issue of time management. At times when work get bulky in office especially time bound works i took it to my house which resulted me having no time for my family but thank god my family especially my wife understood the nature of my work.
Enjoying the conversation Ahmed round up saying
” I don’t look back to whatsoever i am doing and beside i am not doing what i am doing to attact praises, i just did what i have to with good faith move foward and let the people judge the action.”
” Though the reflection coming to me on what i did and doing shows that people do really appreciate it and for that i say Alhamdulillah and this ginger me to deliver more with the little things i have. At this juncture let me tell you that i traveled alot and saw how people are been respected, but to my dismay when it comes to our society i use to feel bad for the injustice especially to women, children and less privilege individuals, we don’t unite ourselves to deal with our societal problems because we lack patriotism, all we care for is ourselves this is seriously worrying me.” He chipped.
I always want see happy faces!

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