APC National Convention: Bauchi Guber Aspirant Dissatisfied With Exercise

By Idris Khalid

Alamin Sani Muhd APC gubernatorial Aspirant in Bauchi State has expressed his dissatisfaction with the conduct of the National Convention.

Al’amin expressed his displeasure in an interview with journalists in Abuja, but he also used the opportunity to call on new leaders to provide credible and focused leadership.

He said, “We have come to Abuja and are witnessing a theater of the absurd; a glaring and broad day rape of Democracy in the name of APC National Convention, Nigerians are witnessing an unprecedented gimmick, where a charade took place in the darkest of the previous night, shameless and shapeless bowbow moved helta scalter from one goal post to the other, Scheemings , deceptions, frauds, coups and counter coups, fixings, coronations and outright brigandage took place the night before and now, in self-deception and delirium, the figure heads are in a self-style performance on a stage in the name of election”.

“Nigerians and the world at large are watching this childish and laughable charade. Let’s forget, with the swearing in of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015, we witnessed a snail movement of governance. Six months after the inauguration of the government there were no Ministers, he hide under the pretext that he was taking time to choose from the best Nigerians, Men and women of integrity, he said! These are the best Nigerians we are seeing today.

“What is clear is the government came by accident, there was no plan, no focus, no vision, and certainly, this is the bane of the APC government right from the center.”

Gubernatorial aspirant said their hopes, expectations and prayers have been to produce formidable leaders that have the people’s interest on their mind.

He further said “Therefore, not until APC is ready to face the hard reality that slaps it on the face, it will be too late too soon. Unfortunately, with what we are watching and witnessing, the ship of APC has been wrecked by the overzealous and power mongers in the name of leaders. The ship of APC has capsized and it is sinking very rapidly. Nigerians can clearly understand how the same sheepish and snaky snail movement of the APC Government used at its inception is applied to the APC National Convention. Both wards and State congresses were maneuvered and skimmed; and the national Convention deliberately and tactfully delayed the production of quarks, morons, hero worshippers, and figure heads.

“We hope the new leadership will rise above sentiments and hagiography and surprise Nigerians by providing a reasoned and purposeful leadership. And to provide an enabling environment with a level playing ground. So that Nigerians will bid farewell to dictatorship and cannibalism, My Clarion call is, the new crop of leaders of the party, irrespective of how they came in, should do the needful and urgently. It is better late than never to be warned to be on guard.”

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