My Fellow Democrats and esteemed members of our greate party the APC, I hereby send you my felicitations and good will message for this very long awaited convention which the eyes of the whole world is on.

While I call on all the contestants of various positions of our great party’s Executives to be very orderly and law abiding, expected of the civilised, educated and highly enlightened person anywhere in the world.

I’m calling on the ultimate victors to be magnanimous in victory and to run an inclusive governance that will carry everybody along. Let the loser be a good losers who will accept defeat in earnest and in good faith. Let’s know that in all healthy and fair contests there MUST be winners and losers. Most importantly, let me also call on the handlers of the Convention, the organizers and all the leaders of our great party, the APC, to provide an enabling environment, a healthy ground for all the contestants. Let there be no contestant that will be intimidated or have reasons to feel intimidated.

The leaders of the party MUST not lose sight of the fact that this Convention is a litmus test of the expectation of the outcome of the forthcoming 2023 general elections. They MUST bear in mind that the only indicis to a guaranteed success are fairness and justice and it will be too dangerous to turn the other side to this hard reality at the moment. Pray that the convention will produce people of unquestionable characters, people of high nobility and integrity.

Those that will ultimately be umpires that will produce true leaders who have the nation at heart. Who truly appreciates the predicament of the poor man. Those who will address the quagmire of the nation. Those leaders who will confront, head on, the stark reality of unprecedented insecurity bedevilling the Nation and uproot the hard reality of incongruous poverty, economic hardship and social contempt that has pervaded the nation! This country is divided and shattered like never before. It truly needs selfless leaders that will sack and replace these brazen thieves that perpetrated corruption in high places.

Those who will replace these navigators in deception. Those who perfected nepotism and favouritism in governance. Our country is at the brink of the precipice! This country needs to be salvaged and now.

We MUST all know that Nigerians are no longer those of the 2014/2019 who were gullible and unconscious. We have a more enlightened masses who are ready more than ever before to send parking, all these vagabonds in government. We MUST all wake up! I wish us a successful convention with a happy ending.

Thank you.

Yours Alameen Sani Muhd,

APC Gubernatorial Aspirant, Bauchi State

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